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Low acquisition costs
thanks to the good thermal rating of the industrial gear units, which also removes the need for an additional cooling system.

Reliable package solutions
thanks to perfectly compatible and flexibly combinable components and additional options.

Reliable application
thanks to a reliable operating performance, even under extreme operating and ambient conditions.

Combined drive solutions for bucket wheel excavators

Bucket wheel excavators are used whenever large quantities of materials need to be processed on an ongoing basis. One of the main areas of application is in lignite mining. In this case, bucket wheel excavators are primarily used to remove soft rock.

We provide industrial gear unit solutions that are specifically tailored to the requirements of bucket wheel excavators: The lower torques supplied by our P series planetary gears are ideal for moving chains, conveyor belts and powertrains. By contrast, they are combined with the X series bevel-helical gear units to form a combined drive solution for use in large bucket wheels. Together, these industrial gear units provide exceptionally powerful torques, which can be used to reliably and powerfully drive blades with a capacity of over 15 cubic meters. The large selection of predefined optional equipment also gives you a high level of flexibility.

Extreme operating conditions? No problem for our industrial gear solutions.

Bucket wheel excavators have to be able to operate at full capacity – even under extreme conditions. As a result, the machines are often even designed to operate at temperatures of up to -45°C.

The drive technology has to be just as powerful and reliable as the bucket wheel excavators. Our P series industrial planetary gear units and X series bevel-helical gear units are particularly robust and are ideal for driving bucket wheel excavators. Their housing has additional surface protection to deal with even the most adverse ambient conditions.

They have also proven themselves in practice: as one of the leading manufacturers of industrial gear unit solutions, we have extensive experience in providing the right equipment for large machinery.

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Our drive solution for bucket wheel excavators combines a P series planetary gear unit with an X series bevel-helical gear unit. The solution comprises the following features:

  • Swivel base
  • Sealing system (taconite)
  • Steel breather
  • Oil drain valve
  • Oil bath temperature sensor
  • Surface protection
  • Torque bracket on the main flange of the planetary gear unit
  • Hydraulic coupling of the input shaft with the drum and disk
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The main area of application of bucket wheel excavators is overburden removal in the mining sector, such as lignite mining.