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Industrial gear unit solutions with high torques for apron conveyors

Apron conveyors transport materials whose consistency or size would damage conventional conveyor belts. The transported loads fluctuate widely and reach very high maximum loads. These reduce when the material is transported to the subsequent machine and subsequently rise when the next load is received.

This means that the system's drive technology has to deal with demanding requirements characterized by extreme torque fluctuations and large shocks. The components used also have to be reliable and quickly available. This reduces idling times to a minimum and increases the operating life.

Industrial gear units for difficult operating conditions

For apron conveyors, the industrial gear units are generally positioned at the end of every conveyor belt where they drive the two shaft ends. A frequency inverter typically operates as a controller.

The preferred drive technology for this application includes a planetary gear unit with a hollow shaft and shrink disk. This also includes a long torque bracket on the output side of the planetary gear unit's housing flange. All the system components must be able to deal with the difficult operating conditions.

As your partner, we develop drive solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. Take advantage of our comprehensive application know-how and extensive experience as a leading manufacturer of industrial gear units.

Contact form Worldwide locations Locations in Germany Industrial gear unit solution with compact planetary gear units

The compact P series industrial gear units with their optimal power output provide a large range of options for apron conveyors. Our proven modular system with a drive unit consisting of a gearmotor and planetary gear unit gives you maximum flexibility for your torque and gear ratio. This establishes the prerequisites for maximum operating reliability.

Features, advantages and technical data Features

P series planetary gear units:

  • Can transmit a high torque
  • Impress with their compact size
  • Offer a high degree of torsional rigidity
  • Have a sealing system (taconite) for dusty environments
  • Allow the oil temperature to be monitored

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Standard gearmotors:

  • Provide a large variance on the input end
  • Are available for a large gear ratio
  • Can be combined with planetary gear units with helical and helical-bevel designs

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  • Perfectly compatible gear and motor units
  • Large range of options due to the SEW-EURODRIVE modular concept
  • Short, compact design due to the removal of the coupling and the adapter flange
  • Optimal cost-effectiveness and short delivery times thanks to standardized units
Technical data
Gear unit sizeIE3 motorNominal torque
Gear ratio range

PHF002 KF77

DRP 132MC4
140 – 619

PHF012 KF87

DRP 160MC4
291 – 683

PHF022 KF97

DRP 180ML4
241 – 543

PHF032 KF97

DRP 200L4
241 – 543

PHF042 KF107

DRP 225S4
341 – 547

PHF052 KF127

DRP 225M4
341 – 563

PHF062 KF127

DRP 225M4
421 – 830

PHF072 KF127

DRP 225M4
677 – 1,195

PHF082 KF157

DRP 225M4
899 – 1,756

PHF092 KF167

DRP 315K4
405 – 915

PHF102 KF187

DRP 315M4
341 – 660
Industrial gear unit solution with high-torque planetary gear units

The P-X gear units with their outstanding thermal power are the perfect solution for applications in the medium to high torque range. The industrial gear units provide maximum torque for large conveyor systems. They are distinguished by their high operating reliability under even the most difficult conditions. This means that you are always on the safe side.

The XP series uses high-performance planetary gear units with a huge range of additional options. This ensures that they can always be customized to your requirements.

  • Maximum torque transmission
  • Suitable for high motor power
  • Wide gear ratio
  • Variable cooling system
  • Different coupling variants
  • Ratio of i = 14 – 500 (XP series and P-X gear units)
  • Torque between 500 kNm and 5,200 kNm (XP series)
  • Torque up to 500 kNm (P-X gear units)
  • Bulk materials handling technology
  • Materials handling systems in the construction and raw materials industries