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The benefits for you

The housing has been optimized in the digital twin and the shafts made larger so that the drives can support even the heaviest loads.

Safe operation
The fail-safe design ensures with 100% certainty that no oil leaks out.

Easy maintenance
A service-friendly design (including pop-up valves and symmetrically arranged gear unit feet) makes installation and servicing work both simple and safe.

Machine elements from the tried-and-tested X.e series – powerful performance for demanding applications

Our machine elements from the X.e series offer outstanding performance, coping with even the heaviest loads. With a housing optimized in the digital twin and larger shafts, our drives can handle extremely high loads. The improved agitator housing has integrated feet to ensure maximum stiffness. The motor adapter has undergone finite element optimization to hold it in position during operation and improve the airflow. The system also features a large output shaft and a maximized bearing distance.

The gear unit is very safe to operate, too. The housing's fail-safe design prevents oil from leaking out, with 100% certainty. Its horizontal split – with the oil level below the split – and the drywell system ensure safe operation, even with critical goods. What's more, the integrated oil pump lubricates all bearings both quickly and efficiently.

The service-friendly design, including the drywell system's ideally located relubrication points, makes initial installation and subsequent maintenance work such as changing the grease straightforward, saving both time and money. The aligned foot holes further facilitate mounting preparations. Another way in which we simplify the maintenance process is by not locating any mounted parts below the base surface, for improved handling during installation and maintenance.

Our machine elements from the X.e series impress not only with their high level of performance, but also with their intelligent design details.

Internal pressure lubrication optimizes the supply to the gear unit, while the specially designed split housing and the innovative sealing concept guarantee leak-free operation. Airflow-optimized motor adapters and air baffles ensure maximum heat dissipation and a consistently excellent level of performance. Use X.e agitator and mixer drives in your application. Our machine elements are designed to perform reliably, even in the most challenging applications.

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  • No oil leakage, thanks to a horizontally split housing and a drywell
  • Aligned feet and base surface at the lowest level for easy installation
  • Customization thanks to a variety of bearing concepts, depending on the size
  • Internal oil pump for safe operation
  • Optimized motor adapter for safe operation of large motors and optimum air routing
Gear unit designStagesNominal torque
Nominal torque MN2
Helical gear units
X..150e /HM
3 stages25 – 11229.2
Helical gear units
X..170e /HM
3 stages25 – 11247.5
Helical gear units
X..190e /HM
3 stages 22.5 – 10069
Helical gear units
X..210e /HM
3 stages 22.5 – 10096
Helical gear units
X..220e /HM
3 and 4 stages20 – 400117
Helical gear units
X..240e /HM
3 and 4 stages20 – 400165
Helical gear units
X..260e /HM
3 and 4 stages20 – 400217
  • Underground and open-pit mining
  • Recycling industry
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry