Communication modules and fieldbus tools

SEW-EURODRIVE simplifies communication between the controller and drive components and makes it easier to set up communication channels. Simply use our communication modules and fieldbus tools.

Simple communication on all levels

Communication modules and fieldbus tools
Communication modules and fieldbus tools
Communication modules and fieldbus tools

Regardless of whether simple machines or complex system concepts are involved, a fault-free production operation largely depends on reliable and simple communication between the drive technology and the controller.

You can rely on our inverter and control technology for additional communication modules and fieldbus tools, which simplify integration. Due to their design, they provide support for optimal cyclical and anti-cyclical communication. Using these sample modules, you can implement robust communication between your components in a very short period of time.

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Your benefits

  • Quick aids

    for rapid implementation of communication between components of your machine or system.
  • Effective supports

    for the setting up of horizontal and vertical communication channels in your automation concepts.

Communication modules

We offer several technology program packages so that you can perform your startup efficiently. These show you sample programs for integrating SEW-EURODRIVE inverters into various control environments.

Before downloading, you accept the following:
This sample program from SEW-EURODRIVE is a free, non-binding service and only demonstrates the basic principles of creating a PLC program. SEW-EURODRIVE is not liable for the content of the sample program.

Fieldbus tools

With its fieldbus tools, SEW-EURODRIVE offers simple Ethernet masters for process data exchange and parameter data exchange

  • from a Windows PC with an Ethernet interface
  • to the SEW-EURODRIVE units with EtherNet/IP™ or MODBUS TCP interfaces



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