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Long-term protection
for longer waiting times or storage times, for example until your drive is installed and started up.

Site protection
through fast, reliable service and a unique worldwide service network.

Component quality
that can make the difference in optimizing the reliability of a production system.

Top drive + PREMIUM protection = extended warranty period

In Germany and the majority of EU countries, the statutory warranty period for the purchase of new equipment is two years. In other countries, different periods are provided for by law. Warranty means that the seller warrants that the sold item is free of material defects and defects of title. This is your right when purchasing our gears and gearmotors. Our standard - we offer you longer protection for your drive.

With our PREMIUM protection package, you can extend the statutory warranty for select gears and gearmotors by an additional 12 months. Extended warranty period with which you enjoy longer protection. Your right and our standard for long-term use of our drives and for a trusting and long-term cooperation.

But what does that mean exactly and what do you need to do? As part of the PREMIUM protection package, the motor and gear unit are more durable, robust and powerful thanks to special premium components such as the oil seals and gear oil. The result? A drive whose quality can make all the difference when it comes to supporting the reliability of a production plant in the best possible way. Get in touch with your contact person or ask for our extended warranty period or our optional* PREMIUM protection package the next time you order a new gear or gearmotor.

* The option can only be purchased as an extension of the statutory warranty period. If different warranty periods have been contractually agreed, you can alternatively switch to PREMIUM protection.

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The optional* PREMIUM protection package for gears and gearmotors from SEW-EURODRIVE provides a premium extended warranty with an additional 12-month warranty period on top of the statutory warranty and includes:

Premium Sine Seal: Oil seal with sinusoidal sealing lip on the motor

In addition to conventional oil seals, we now offer a sealing ring that was specially developed for us: the Premium Sine Seal. The advantage of the new Premium Sine Seal is that its sinusoidal sealing lip exhibits a substantially increased service life, and the new oil seal can be placed in the same location on the shaft during servicing because the Premium Sine Seal does not cause any run-in on the shaft.

Find out more about our Premium Sine Seal

Premium fluorocarbon rubber oil seal on gear unit (output shaft)

At the gearbox output, the FKM radial shaft seal reliably protects against oil leakage. In addition to its very good resistance to aggressive media such as many chemicals and solvents, it is also ideal for suitable for high temperatures. The good thermal and mechanical properties paired with excellent resistance to aging ensure a long service life even under adverse environmental conditions.

Premium gear oil: GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE for improved gear unit performance

Our first in-house Premium gear oil. GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE increases the performance of the gear unit. It reduces friction between the gear wheels, the seals, and the bearings, as it develops an outstanding lubrication film that increases the service life of the lubricant itself as well as that of wear parts such as sealing rings and bearings.

Find out more about our Premium Gear Oil

* The option can only be purchased as an extension of the statutory warranty period. If different warranty periods have been contractually agreed, you can alternatively switch to PREMIUM protection.

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