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Your benefits

Save costs
since the customer shaft can be made from drawn material in quality h11.

Easy mounting and removal
by attaching the clamping ring to the customer shaft with a corresponding bushing for easy mounting of the drive.

Flexible use
since up to four different nominal diameters can be adapted with one gear unit size.

Contact form Worldwide locations Locations in Germany Our hollow shaft mounting system is simple, efficient, and flexible.

Always the right connection between the customer shaft and our gear units.

TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system in detail

The design of the TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system makes for simple assembly and significantly improves removal of the drive even after lengthy periods of operation. We deliver the drive with the bushing matching the respective diameter. The customer installs the clamping ring on the customer shaft and the drive can be mounted and fixed easily.

For more efficiency! The TorqLOC® mounting system makes it possible to use drawn, unprocessed material all the way to quality level h11 for the customer shaft. No additional machining of the customer shaft required!

We have thought of everything, down to the last detail: We cater for different diameters of customer shaft and hollow shaft. Up to four different nominal diameters can be adapted with one gear unit size.

Award-winning design! The non-positive connection is an alternative to the hollow shaft with shrink disk, with key, and with splined hollow shaft. It won the "Silver Award" of the "Plant Engineering" magazine in the category "Power Transmission".