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High power density
thanks to high overload capacity, high torsional stiffness and pull-out rigidity, as well as mechanical clearance

Extreme precision
thanks to very high positioning accuracy and its quick response time

Great flexibility
through modular design integration, which allows countless combination possibilities.

ZN.. series cycloidal gearmotors – compact, precise, powerful

Extreme precision under high acceleration torques – those are the outstanding features of ZN.. series cycloidal servo gearmotors. Their performance data makes them unique – whether you emphasize torque, stiffness or weight.

The gearmotor is shipped with lubrication for life, ready for installation and available in twelve sizes. We especially emphasize the features of the cycloidal servo gearmotor: It excels by mechanical clearance and its high torsional stiffness and pull-out rigidity as well as excellent overload capacity. This allows even demanding tasks such as exact positioning or fast movement of heavy loads to be performed with a high degree of repetitive accuracy.

Any gear unit-motor combination from our modular system

The gear unit is made up of a CMP../CM.. motor, an intermediate flange and a two-stage cycloidal gear unit. Gear unit and motor can be combined in many ways using the SEW-EURODRIVE modular system.

Furthermore, our ZN.. cycloidal servo gearmotors’ compact design ensures optimum mounting options and application possibilities – even in confined installation spaces. Our ZN.. series of cycloidal servo gearmotors combine power density and dynamics, maximum performance, and precision.

Naturally, the ZN.. servo gearmotors are optimized for use with the MOVIDRIVE® B application inverter and the MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverter in combination with the MOVI-PLC® controller.

Contact form Worldwide locations Locations in Germany ZN.. servo gear units
  • Zero-backlash servo gearmotor
  • Two-stage cycloidal gear unit
  • Designed for acceleration torques between 612 Nm and 36750 Nm
  • Lubrication for life ex works
  • 5-times permitted shock load (MaN at 15 min-1)
  • Low mass moment of inertia

CMP..-/CM.. motor
  • Highest dynamic characteristics throughout the entire CMP.. series thanks to the low-inertia rotor design and high overload capacity of the motors
  • Performance-optimized and extremely compact design thanks to the latest winding and magnet technology
  • Standstill torques from 0.5 Nm to 95 Nm
  • Direct mounting of the motor on a gear unit from our modular gear unit system

Learn more about the synchronous servomotors of the CMP.. series (highly dynamic) Learn more about the synchronous servomotors of the CM.. series (highly dynamic)
Gear unit typeServomotorGear ratioNominal torques MaN
(5 min-1)
Acceleration torques Mapk
Emergency switching off torque MaEmerg.Off
Torsional stiffness CT
Lost Motion and
hysteresis loss
Permitted breakdown torque Mbend
ZNBF30 bis ZNBF130 / ZEBF140CMP(Z)..41 – 236.29341 – 20460612 – 367501225 – 7350061 – 6320< 1.0784 – 44000
ZNBF30 bis ZNBF130 / ZEBF140CM..41 – 236.29573 – 204601029 – 367502058 – 73500113 – 6320< 1.01660 – 44000

Areas of applicationApplication example
Robotics industry Painting, welding, assembly and service robots
Industrial handling technologyRotary and positioning tables
Food and beverage industryPalletizer and layer pad inserter
Sheet metal and wood processingJoinery machines, planing machines, etc.
Cutter heads, portals, etc.
Packaging technologyDelta and SCARA robots
Medical technologyImaging processes