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High wheel loads
of up to 40 000 N are possible thanks to the helical-bevel gear unit with a high degree of efficiency.

Low maintenance requirements
can be achieved by combining the EMS drives with the contactless energy transfer system MOVITRANS®.

High operational reliability
in heavy load systems is guaranteed by this series thanks to the coupling in the gear unit output stage.

Electrified monorail system drives for light loads
Heavy duty and reliable: EMS drives for the heavy load range

Electrified monorail systems are an important tried and tested means of transport for operationally reliable transportation of heavy loads - surely in your systems as well.

Our range of electrified monorail system drives for heavy loads has a total of four sizes so that we are able to provide you with optimum support in this regard. Wheel loads of 14 500 N to 40 000 N are implemented.

In this way, we ensure optimal matching of power, conveyor speed and lift capacity of our drives to your transported goods and your application.

The latest size, the HK37 bevel gear type, completes the lower power range with a permissible wheel load of up to 14 500 N at a maximum torque of up to 220 Nm.

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  • Four sizes ensure optimal matching of the conveying capacity, conveyor speed and lift capacity
  • High degree of efficiency of the helical-bevel gear unit (in comparison to a helical-worm gear unit)
  • Low maintenance required in connection with the contactless energy transfer MOVITRANS®
  • Can be switched safely thanks to coupling in the gear unit output stage
  • Impressive energy saving potential of motors in efficiency class IE2, IE3 or IE4
  • Reliable disk brakes for reproducible stopping accuracy
  • Only high-quality winding wires and insulating materials are used to ensure the inverter's fault-free operation
  • Electrified monorail drives can be combined with many options from the range of modular systems offered by SEW-EURODRIVE
HK series - heavy load range
Maximum output torque
Permitted wheel load
14 50018 50025 00040 000
Gear ratio
13.08 – 106.3812.2 – 131.8713.25 – 145.1413.22 – 144.79
Shaft d x l
25 x 3530 x 60
35 x 70
45 x 9055 x 110
  • Electrified monorail system in heavy load range
  • Floor conveyors
  • Automated guided vehicle systems (AGV)
  • Switch setting drives