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ATO 5: Large gearmotors in just 5 days

This is made possible by our to-go program for shortened delivery times. We call this ATO 5: "Assemble To Order" in 5 working days.

All our ATO 5-capable gearmotors from the proven SEW-EURODRIVE modular system are ready to be picked up from our plants as early as 5 working days after your order has been received.

Select, assemble, deliver

With numerous options, the following gearmotor sizes of the 7 series can be selected as ATO 5 products:

  • Helical gearmotors of sizes R..107, R..127, R..137, R..147 and R..167,
  • Parallel shaft helical gearmotors of sizes F..107, F..127 and F..157
  • bevel geared motors of sizes K..107, K..127, K..157, K..167 and K..187

In addition to ATO 5 deliveries from the plants in Bruchsal and Graben, we keep delivery times short for you, regardless of the size you require.

If you need geared motors, our experts are at your disposal worldwide and around the clock. Our service staff will help immediately with technical information, arranging repair orders and much more.

Contact form Worldwide locations Locations in Germany How you benefit from our to-go program:
  • There have been changes and delays and now you can make up for lost time with the ATO 5 program.
  • Your customer asks you to shorten your delivery time and you accelerate your project with the ATO 5-capable gearmotors.
  • You gain valuable time for other tasks due to the easy selection of components from the SEW-EURODRIVE modular system.
  • You order the drives only when the design department signals: all internal tasks are completed.
  • You save costs by avoiding potential changes and additional work.
  • Short-term delivery gives you more flexibility in your purchasing activities, tracking of deadlines is unnecessary.
  • Focus first on the long-runners in procurement, because the geared motors will be with you in a few days.
  • Do not order until your customer order is also 100% confirmed.
  • An unplanned plant shutdown loses some of its horror, because our ATO 5 gearmotors are on their way to you within a very short time of being ordered.
  • Why stock spare drives and components? Reduce your inventory when it comes to replacements. Short delivery times make SEW-EURODRIVE your extended warehouse.
  • The short delivery time makes planning work for preventive maintenance easier. Even if you only discover further weak points during maintenance, you can replace the affected drives quickly.
 Gear unit sizeMamax gear unit
Motor size
Motor power
kW at 50Hz
Helical gearmotorsR..107430063MS4 – 225M40.12 - 45
R..127600063MS4 – 225M40.12 - 45
R..137800063MS4 – 280M40.12 - 90
R..1471300063MS4 – 280M40.12 - 90
R..1672000071MS4 – 280M40.25 - 90
Parallel-shaft gearmotorsF..107784063MS4 – 225M40.12 - 45
F..1271200063MS4 – 280M40.12 – 90
F..1572000071MS4 – 280M40.25 – 90
Helical-bevel gearmotorsK..107800063MS4 – 225M40.12 - 45
K..1271300063MS4 – 280M40.12 – 90
K..1572000071MS4 – 280M40.25 – 90
K..1673500071MS4 – 280M40.25 – 90
K..187 5300071MS4 – 280M40.25 – 90
  • Gear unit designs:
    • Foot, shaft-mounted and flange-mounted design
    • Output shaft as solid shaft, hollow shaft with key or shrink disc, TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system
    • all standard metric flange and shaft dimensions in standard material
    • also gear units without motor with driving shaft end AD.. or motor adapter AMS.. for mounting IEC motors
    • Double gear units
  • Motor versions:
    • IE3 DRN.. motor series
    • 4-pole version
    • Standard motor voltages 230/400 V or 400/690 V
    • Standard frequency 50 Hz
    • European conformity CE
    • Brakes with standard braking torques
    • Manual release (/HR and /HF) for brakes
    • With/without temperature sensor TF
    • Installation encoder and cone shaft encoder
    • Protective roof
    • Forced cooling fan with voltage 230 V
  • Painting:
    • Standard coating
    • Surface protective coating OS1 - OS4
    • Internal corrosion protection (from level OS2)
Motion for your project business

ATO 5 is a service and customer benefit philosophy that we live by. It is important for us to be by your side, beyond the functional benefits of the product. Throughout the life cycle of our products – from start to finish. ATO 5 perfectly complements our procurement and delivery service program.

We know your industry and its requirements. And we know just how important speed, flexibility and operational reliability are for you today.

Thinking ahead is part of our business. This is the only way we can provide innovative answers to the requirements of the market, and that is a strategic advantage for you!