Higher torques in 7-series gear units

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Good news from our development department. By making small-scale optimizations and pushing known boundaries to the max, we have increased the torques for our large 7-series gear units. Your benefit – you get this increased torque at no extra cost.

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Would you like to know how you can achieve greater torques with the SEW‑EURODRIVE gear unit you are currently using, and thus increase the load on it? Or are you more interested in how you can have greater reliability in reserve in the future?

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How was this enhancement achieved? How can I increase the torque in my existing drives? Our podcast will provide you with answers to the key questions.

More power for the big boys of the 7 series

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Your benefits

  • More safety when using devices,

    as the increased torques lead to higher operating factors (fB).
  • Size jump down,

    since you may be able to use a smaller size for new projects.
  • Increased combinatorics and more possibilities,

    as the new operating factors result in additional gear-motor combinations.
  • Always at the cutting edge of technology,

    without this causing additional costs for you.

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