SPIROPLAN® gear units W..9 - a new era!

  • SPIROPLAN® pinion with Gear up to date label

With the development of the new right-angle gear units, SEW-EURODRIVE is expanding its portfolio with quiet, energy-efficient and particularly economical gear units with SPIROPLAN® gearing that are available in 5 sizes from 80 Nm to 600 Nm.

Can be combined with all asynchronous and synchronous motors

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The SPIROPLAN® pinion is mounted on the motor shaft as an overhung slip-on pinion. In this way, the W..9 right-angle gear units can be combined with all asynchronous and synchronous motors as well as with the adapters and covers on the input side. This flexibility is made possible by the flange interface of the SEW-EURODRIVE modular motor system.

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