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The benefits for you

Flexible usage
This is possible thanks to the innovative MOVITRANS® spot technology, which also allows for use in public spaces.

Optimized performance
Systems can simply be charged when the load is transferred and, depending on the application, a variety of charging strategies and capacities are possible.

High ground clearance
MOVITRANS® spot transfers energy through an air gap between the loading plate and the pick-up.

Easy customization
MOVITRANS® spot can be easily adapted to suit changing system tasks and modifications thanks to its system modules.

Lower operating costs and higher energy efficiency
MOVITRANS® spot is easy to use, sustainably minimizes maintenance costs and, thanks to its state-of-the-art component technologies, is highly efficient.

MOVITRANS® line – Contactless energy transfer system MOVI-DPS® power supply
Secure high ground clearance and increase performance and flexibility

Our MOVITRANS®technology works on the principle of inductive energy transfer. This is where energy is transferredwirelessly and without contact through an air gap. As a result, the electromagnetic coupling is completely wear-free, low-noise and low-maintenance.

Contactless energy transfer is particularly useful in production facilities where machines and systems are flexibly connected over lengthy distances. In the past, high-maintenance conveyor belts or vehicles requiring a human driver were used for this task. Nowadays, mobile transport systems are used to easily bridge such distances. Our MOVITRANS®is the perfect power supply system for this very scenario. This is especially true in dusty and dirty areas.

Thanks to MOVITRANS®spot, the vehicles are not dependent on fixed tracks or line cables and can move autonomously and freely around the available space. All it takes is a stationary hold point above a field charging plate to inductively charge their energy storage units. Space-saving, quick and efficient. Thanks to this wear-free, low-maintenance form of energy transfer, MOVITRANS® spot ensures aparticularly high ground clearance and flexibility, specially designed for mobile systems.

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The intelligent SAFS safety function, in combination with MOVITRANS® contactless energy transmission, provides relief for the infrastructure - not only in industry but also in urban applications.

Our video shows how this works.

Point-based, wear-free, low-maintenance and safe

MOVITRANS® spot is made up of both stationary and mobile system components. They can be quickly and easily integrated into existing automation systems. The nominal air gap between the point-based charging plate and the pick-up is 20 mm. This makes it possible to achieve high transmission power even with a high ground clearance.

Cut costs – for investments, startup and operation.

In short, the MOVITRANS® spot contactless power supply system is the ideal choice if you are looking tokeep costs lowand boost productivity.
One key consideration is that our engineering software makes the startup and use of contactless MOVITRANS® technology extremely straightforward.

  • Project planning for restriction-free energy transfer
  • Safe, point-based energy transfer
  • Flexible use, even in public spaces
  • Compact structure with a high power density
  • All connection cables pluggable
  • Very high efficiency
  • Can be combined with hybrid energy storage concepts
  • Easy installation and automatic startup
  • Wear-free and low-maintenance
Safe disconnection

Safe disconnection of the power supply when the field plates are inactive

To prevent people from being exposed to invisible electromagnetic fields, our MOVITRANS® technology includes the unique "SAFS" safety function. This stands forSafe AC Field Stop (AC = alternating current). SAFS ensures the magnetic field is safely switched off if there is no vehicle on the hold point outside of the charging times, thus making the charging point field-free.

The SAFS function meets the requirements for safety level SIL2:

  • When the function is activated, no alternating current flows into the field plate and there is no electromagnetic alternating field.
  • To achieve this, a safe, dual-channel and disconnectable 24 V signal on one input blocks the output generating the high frequency.
  • The SAFS function corresponds to standard ISO 13849 at performance level d (PL d) and the IEC 61800-5-2 standard for drive systems.
Areas of application

Ideal for flexible material and passenger transport – no matter the industry:

  • People movers
  • Autonomous mobile systems
  • Pallet transfer shuttles
Stationary components

System frequency 50 kHz

TES30 decentralized supply unit

  • No control cabinet required
  • Power: 8 kW
  • Line voltage U: 380 V – 500 V ± 10%
  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • All device inputs and outputs are designed as plug connectors

TCS50 compensation box

  • Compensates the supply cable and field plate inductance
  • Degree of protection: IP65

TFS10A (see picture) and TFS50A field plates

  • Inductive, point-based charging
  • High charging capacity of up to 11 kW
  • Suitable for use with forklifts
  • Can be fitted in the floor (TFS10A) or with installation plates (TFS50A)

TIS30A installation plate

  • MOVITRANS® spot with TFS50A can be installed without disrupting the floor.
  • The surfaces can be quickly assembled and disassembled by connecting the installation plates with groove and tongue using a puzzle system. This increases the flexibility and adaptability of your factory.
Mobile components

TDM80E pick-up

  • Nominal power: 11 kW for 4 minutes
  • Different types for different output voltages
  • Engineering via EtherCAT®/SBusplus
  • Nominal voltage: up to DC 60 V
    • Suitable for outdoor use from +5 °C to +40 °C
  • Nominal voltage: up to DC 360 V
    • Suitable for outdoor use from -25 °C to +55 °C

MOVI-DPS® (Drive Power Solution) EKV energy storage unit / EKV energy storage unit

  • Storage unit can be configured to suit energy requirements
  • Energy storage or peak load buffering through double-layer capacitors
  • Fast and direct energy intake and energy release
  • High number of charging cycles possible
  • Storage modules with 100-F or 350-F cells can be connected.
  • Additional signal cable can be connected to monitor storage voltage and temperature.
Certifications, conformity

For all MOVITRANS®spot components listed:

  • CE (Europe)
  • EAC (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russia)
  • UKCA (Great Britain)
"The MOVITRANS®spot point-based energy transfer system represents the next stage in the systematic development of our long-standing and successful portfolio of contactless energy transfer products. It is ideal for those looking for a wear-free, position-tolerant charging solution for mobile applications/vehicles with energy storage units in process workflows. MOVITRANS®spot offers accessible, underfloor systems for new buildings and flexible floor-mounted installations that can be retrofitted at any time to help build the adaptable factory of the future."
Dr. Jochen Mahlein
Head of the Charging Technology for Mobile Systems business area

Contactless energy transfer simply explained
by Dr. Hans Krattenmacher, Geschäftsführer Innovation Mechatronik

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