• With our extensive experience in education and training
  • On-site with our didactics specialists
  • With the optimum teaching aid and modules
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Your advantages

Gain practical experience
With the tried-and-tested frequency and drive inverters as well as the visibly installed electrical equipment

Acquire future-proof qualifications
Based on multiple integrated technology functions and application modules, which provide practical experience of plant automation

Learn without risk
Thanks to live components that are protected against contact as well as visually and physically separated power and control signals

Are you interested in a tailored, multi-functional didactics model? Then you have come to the right place!

Be it for specialist colleges or vocational training: Practical and realistic modules provide a far simpler and more effective means of learning than reading theory in text books. In this case, a customized system tailored to your curriculum is the perfect choice.

With our multi-functional model, we can work together to create a system module to suit your own specific requirements. Simply tell us what you need and we will create the perfect model for you. Using a wide range of realistic industrial components from SEW-EURODRIVE, we can implement a whole host of different applications, such as linear axes, special materials handling technology and much more besides.

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  • Drives and power electronics are designed according to customer specifications and delivered on a transportable aluminum frame
  • Conveyor line (lifting axis) with sensor technology (limit switches or inductive sensors)
  • Control cabinet installed for wiring of the components
  • Line voltage 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Startup of electrical drives and frequency inverters
  • Adjustment and parameterization of a wide range of sensor technology
  • Creation of various programs with a higher-level controller
  • Communication via different bus systems

The didactics system can be used both in specialist colleges and in industrial/technical training. It is particularly suitable for the training of

  • Electronics specialists (MT, EBT, EMA, EAT, EGS)
  • Master automation technicians
  • Master electrical engineers
  • Master mechatronics technicians