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Your advantages

Long service life
All components are protected against corrosion with high-quality coatings and are partially also available in stainless steel

Simple handling
The helical-worm gear unit can be easily assembled and disassembled using standard tools

Quick preparation
All components, tools and accessories are clearly arranged and assembly instructions are also provided

Easy expansion
Rapid availability of all necessary tools and supplementary accessories

Learning and understanding with practical relevance on an industry-standard gear unit

The more practical the training of future specialists, the faster they will be able to acquire comprehensive knowledge of mechanical drive technology and understand the various correlations. With this in mind, we have created our didactics program for gear unit technology with industrial gear units.

This also includes the helical-worm gear unit kit SF47AD2. It serves as an ideal teaching model for practical, realistic training. With its presentation in the demo case, the assembly, disassembly, and operating principle of a helical-worm gear unit can be explained with high practical relevance. All necessary resources are integrated in this teaching aid.

It also includes detailed assembly instructions, which describe the assembly and disassembly process in a very clear and simple manner based on illustrated work steps.

To ensure that the gear unit kit is always well protected and can be stored in a space-saving manner, it is supplied in a TANOS (type T-Loc) case system.

This teaching aid is designed solely for didactic applications and is ideal for use in education and further training, including in vocational schools, technical and specialist colleges, universities and company training establishments:

  • It facilitates understanding of the machine elements
  • The theory behind the gear unit is presented in a practical, comprehensible manner, thus making it more easily understandable
  • The assembly or disassembly of the gear units can be easily repeated any number of times without the need for expensive pressing tools
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Small gear unit parts set:

  • Spacer tube
  • Retaining rings
  • Shims
  • Screws
  • Keys
  • Supporting ring
  • Breather valve
  • Magnet
  • Deep groove ball bearing

Gearing components, rolling bearings, shaft set:

  • Gear
  • Worm gear
  • Pinion
  • Assembly sleeve
  • Closing caps
  • Worm
  • Gear unit cover

Housing, adapter, flange, shaft set:

  • Input cover
  • Gear unit housing
  • Handwheel
  • Output shaft
  • Output flange

  • Near-series design, gear unit designation: SF47AD2
  • Gear ratio i = 29
  • Gear unit with input shaft assembly
  • Assembly and disassembly possible with standard industrial tools
  • Thanks to a revised fit, no removal or pressing tools are required for assembly
  • Components such as gear wheels, worms, and deep groove ball bearings are protected against corrosion
  • Integrated in a robust plastic case of the type TANOS (T-Loc)
  • The basic dimensions of the case correspond to Euro pallet standard, thus enabling stacking
  • The gear unit module is intended solely for educational use
  • Determination of gear ratio and torques for a gear unit with fixed speed
  • Interplay of the machine elements in a gear unit (shaft-hub connection)
  • Planning of preventative maintenance work according to parts list or individual components
  • Assembly-oriented construction
  • Safe handling of assembly tools and aids
  • Adjustment of the gear unit worm and the worm gear
Tool box

Using the correct tools ensures safe assembly and disassembly of your gear unit kits.

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Take it easy: With this dolly, you will have no problem moving and handling the large gear unit kit cases. Why not order it at the same time?

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Spare part packages

Comprehensive spare part packages are available for your gear unit technology didactics modules.

Further information on request.

Bring your theory to life. Our cut-away model shows how the internal components of a helical-worm gear unit interact and how a gear unit works.

By means of a handwheel on the cut-away models, we aim to demonstrate the interplay between different gearing as well as the resulting flow of forces and gear ratios.

Every cut-away model features a nameplate showing the most important data. This can be used to practice calculations, such as determining gear ratios and speeds.

As an option, the cut-away models can be securely stored in TANOS (T-Loc) case systems.

The gear unit modules have been designed solely for educational use.

The kit and helical-worm gear unit cut-away model are suitable for use in education and further training at

  • Vocational schools
  • Technical schools
  • Specialist schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Company training establishments
  • Etc.