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Your benefits

Long service life
as all mechanical components are manufactured with a high quality coating or made of stainless steel.

Easy to use
as assembly and disassembly of the gear units is easy with the aid of standard tools. All required tools are part of the demo kit.

Quick preparation
thanks to clear presentation of all components, tools, and accessories in foam inlays as well as the provided quick start guide.

Didactic documentation
to prepare for practical training with a lot of useful documentation such as parts list, technical drawings, CAD models, and animated application video clips.

The realistic planetary servo gear unit allows for practical learning

The PSC521/PSC522 planetary servo gear unit didactics kit is the perfect didactics demo unit for realistic training of specialists. This gear unit complements the didactics demo unit series. It is an industrial gear unit that is used in dynamic applications with accurate positioning.

The scope of delivery includes a sturdy plastic case by TANOS (type T-Loc), allowing for space-saving and safe storing of the didactics kit. With the components that are neatly arranged in the demo case, assembly and disassembly of a planetary servo gear unit in single-stage or two-stage design can be easily explained and the operating principle of the gear unit type can be taught. All required tools are included.

The combination of assembly demo unit and cut-away model is particularly interesting with this demo unit: With the Plexiglass housing, a view into the gear unit is possible.

This demo unit is designed only for training purposes and perfectly suited for use in further education and training – for example at vocational and technical schools, colleges, universities and company training centers:

  • This makes it easy to enter the world of machine elements.
  • Theoretical knowledge about the gear unit is put in practice for better understanding.
  • Users can repeatedly assemble and disassemble the gear unit without needing expensive pressing tools.
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Set Small gear unit parts (including spare parts):

  • 6 cap screws M8x16-8.8-A2F
  • 9 thrust washers for planet gears (shims)
  • 8 hex nuts M8-8
  • 4 tooth lock washers
  • 1 key A10x8x56, stainless steel *
  • 6 planet gear axes, stainless steel *
  • 4 short studs M8x75-8.8-A2F (for single-stage assembly)
  • 4 long studs M8x75-8.8-A2F (for 2-stage assembly)
  • 14 needle roller bearings (needle roller and cage assembly) for planet gears (12 + 2 to spare)
  • 3 retaining rings
  • 6 planet gears, coated *

Set housing, ball bearing, gear stage, handwheel :

  • 1 adapter flange ECH05, robust painting
  • 2 transparent built-on housing, each with 1 annulus gear with internal toothing, robust painting
  • 1 gear unit cover made from aluminum (preassembled with bearing and oil seal)
  • 1 adapter shaft complete with sun gear
  • 1 handwheel for functional testing
  • 2 ball bearings for planet carrier (output shaft) coated *
  • 2 ball bearings for adapter flange (1 grouted onto gear unit cover), coated *

Set Assembly aid, flange, shaft, base plate :

  • 1 planet carrier (output shaft), stainless steel *
  • 1 planet carrier (2nd stage) with sun gear, stainless steel *
  • 1 assembly sleeve for planet carrier (output shaft)
  • 1 aluminum push-on plate incl. mounting brackets, handle, and rubber-lined feet
  • 1 flange plate
  • 1 output flange
  • Assembly tool
  • Oil seal


  • Straight retaining ring pliers, chrome-vanadium-molybdenum (hardened and tempered), surface finishing
  • Straight retaining ring pliers for outer rings (diameter 10-25 mm), material chrome-1 vanadium
  • Double offset box wrench, striking face wrench 12 × 13 mm, material chrome vanadium
  • Allen wrench 6 mm, with ball head, material chrome vanadium

Also included in the demo kit:

  • 4-pieces rubber mat as working surface
  • Assembly instructions for planetary gear unit

* Parts are stainless steel

Planetary servo gear units

Special highlight: 2 annulus gears (built-on housing) made from Plexiglass This allows for a view into the gear unit.

  • All fits at the gear unit housing, the shafts and gearing components are redesigned in a way that assembly and disassembly is possible without pressing tools.
  • You can assemble and disassemble the gear unit using the standard industrial tools included in the scope of delivery.
  • Gear unit designation: PSC521 ECH05 (1-stage) / PSC522 ECH05 (2-stage)
  • Gear ratio i = 5 (1-stage), i = 25 (2-stage)
  • Gear unit with input adapter flange and handwheel
  • Components such as planet gears, annulus gears, and deep groove ball bearings are protected against corrosion using a high-quality coating.
  • Some components are made from stainless steel.
  • Small parts such as retaining rings, shims, and deep groove ball bearings are standard parts.
  • The components are arranged clearly in sturdy plastic cases.
  • Including assembly instructions.
  • Including rubber mat as working surface.
  • Including tool set in a drawer in the case.
  • Including assembly and installation plate with aluminum bracket for demonstration purposes.

The following specifications are theoretical data as the gear unit is intended for assembly and disassembly training purposes and is not suitable for industrial use:

  • 1-stage assembled: PSC521 ECH05
    • Output speed [1/min]: 280 at ne 1400 1/min
    • Total gear ratio [i]: 5
    • Output torque [Nm]: 181
    • Mounting position IM: M1
    • Length approx. 285 mm (incl. output shaft end)
    • Width × height (gear unit housing) approx. 105 × 105 mm
  • 2-stage assembled: PSC522 ECH05
    • Output speed [1/min]: 56 at ne 1400 1/min
    • Total gear ratio [i]: 25
    • Output torque [Nm]: 181
    • Mounting position IM: M1
    • Length approx. 340 mm (incl. output shaft end)
    • Width × height (gear unit housing) approx. 105 × 105 mm
    • Output shaft end 35 × 70 mm
  • Supports a theoretical and practical introduction to gear unit technology.
  • The gear unit is designed to provide an insight into the operating principle of precision gear units.
  • Single-stage can be assembled with i=5; 2-stage with i=25
  • Users can repeatedly assemble and disassemble the gear unit
  • Determining the gear ratio and torques for a gear unit with fixed speed
  • Recognizing and understanding the interaction of the individual parts in a gear unit
  • Analyzing, planning and organizing the steps for assembly and disassembly
  • Assembling subsystems and subsequent functional check using the handwheel
  • Assembly-oriented design
  • Selecting the assembly tools and aid based on the assembly instructions
  • Close-to-production design for realistic assembly and disassembly
  • of the entire gear unit
  • The combination of assembly demo unit and cut-away model is particularly interesting with this demo unit, thanks to the Plexiglass housing
  • The gear unit can be mounted to the aluminum plate with the supplied bracket.
  • All tools for the complete assembly of the gear unit are supplied.
  • Spare parts package with wear parts such as retaining rings, shims, keys, etc. is available as an option.
  • Documentation package on an USB stick with technical drawings, CADs, a number of exercises and other helpful documents is available as an option.
  • Mounting surface with four-side winder strap with black grooved mat
  • For rollers (two swivel casters with brakes)
  • Pushbar
  • Dimensions (width × height × depth) [mm]: 564 × 572 × 700
  • 4 drawers with individual locks (1 × 50 mm / 2 × 125 mm / 1 × 250 mm)
  • Color of cabinet vermilion (RAL 2002) / color of drawers anthracite gray (RAL 7016)

The planetary servo gear unit kit is intended for use in further education and training at

  • Vocational schools
  • Technical schools
  • Technical colleges
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Company training centers
  • etc.