• With our extensive experience in education and training
  • On-site with our didactics specialists
  • With the optimum teaching aid and modules
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Your advantages

Gain practical experience
With the tried-and-tested MOVIFIT® (MTF) FC drive inverter and the visibly installed electrical equipment

Acquire future-proof qualifications
Based on multiple integrated technology functions and application modules, which provide practical experience of plant automation

Learn without risk
Thanks to live components that are protected against contact as well as visually and physically separated power and control signals

For advanced laboratory exercises with a decentralized MOVIFIT® (MTF) FC drive inverter

Polymer optical fibers (POF) are fiber optic cables that are used, among other things, for data and signal transmission. With our POF teaching module, you can address and control the MOVIFIT® frequency inverter (MTF) via such a polymer fiber connection linked to a copper connection (PROFINET®). This allows budding specialists to explore and understand the theory behind this technology in a highly visual and realistic manner.

For safe storage, the POF module is supplied in a TANOS T-Loc case system.

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  • Coupling module from fiber optic cable signal to PROFINET®
  • Expansion for the MOVIFIT® (MTF) FC training module
  • Communication from fiber optic cable to PROFINET®
  • Startup of the MOVIFIT® (MTF) FC module via the POF module with fiber optic cables

The training module can be used both in technical high schools and in industrial/technical training. It is particularly suitable for the training of

  • Electronics specialists (MT, EBT, EMA, EAT, EGS)
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Master automation technicians
  • Master electrical engineers
  • Master mechatronics technicians