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Your advantages

Gain practical experience
With the tried-and-tested MOVITRAC® B drive inverter and the visibly installed electrical equipment

Acquire future-proof qualifications
Based on multiple integrated technology functions and application modules, which provide practical experience of plant automation

Learn without risk
Thanks to live components that are protected against contact as well as visually and physically separated power and control signals

3-phase MOVITRAC® B with safe PROFINET® card

How can I operate a drive safely in an automated system and bring it to a stop when necessary? To learn the answers to such questions and also apply them safely in practice, electronics specialists must work with practical teaching aids, including corresponding accessories, during their vocational training.

One example of this is the optional safe communication via PROFINET®: Simply insert a safe PROFINET® card into the three-phase MOVITRAC® B frequency inverter (didactics module MCB 5A3). You can then safely control the inverter with a higher-level controller. The STO (Safe Torque Off) is routed on terminals and can be connected redundantly with emergency off wiring. When the STO is actuated by a safety device, the drive torque is safely reduced to a complete stop.

The startup and parameterization of the 3-phase frequency inverter is the same as for the single-phase unit.

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  • Line voltage 3-phase / 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Power 500 W
  • Inverter accessories comprising:
    • FBG11B keypad
    • FSC11B communication interface
    • BW072-003 braking resistor
    • USB11A USB interface adapter
    • Safe communication via PROFINET® (optional)
  • Startup of a 3-phase MOVITRAC® B frequency inverter (MCB 5A3)
  • Operation of an AC asynchronous motor with the 87 Hz characteristic

The training module can be used both in technical high schools and in industrial/technical training. It is particularly suitable for the training of

  • Electronics specialists (MT, EBT, EMA, EAT, EGS)
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Master automation technicians
  • Master electrical engineers
  • Master mechatronics technicians