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Your benefits

Gain a practical understanding
With the industry-standard frequency inverter from the MOVITRAC® B series and thanks to visible electrical equipment.

Gain higher qualifications
Thanks to extensive integrated functions, which provide practical experience of electrical drive technology and automation.

Learn safely
Live components are located in such a way that they are safe to handle while power and control signals are optically and physically separate.

Gain practical experience on the industry-standard MOVITRAC® B frequency inverter

To make consumer goods widely affordable, manufacturers are continuing to advance the automation of their production plants. As a result, the electronically upgraded machines are becoming increasingly sophisticated. This in turn places ever greater demands on prospective electronics professionals (MT, EBT, EMA, EAT, EAFT, EGS).

That is why we offer the frequency inverter module as an electro-mechanical teaching aid. The module helps prospective experts to understand how to switch on and operate AC asynchronous motors electronically and to apply this knowledge.

The teaching aid is part of our modular teaching concept and was developed specifically for subject area 8, "Selecting and integrating drives."

Real inverter with comprehensive functionality

The main benefit: A tried and tested, single-phase frequency inverter from the MOVITRAC® B series forms the electronic core element of the teaching material. Its extensive functionality enables you to put the theory you have learned into practice.

The teaching aid provides clear instruction in the control and operation of asynchronous motors from SEW-EURODRIVE and third-party motors. It is freely configurable and enables positioning control via

  • Digital and analog signals

Using a higher-level PLC controller, a master-slave situation can also be simulated: The functions for speed and direction control as well as measurement functions are available for this.

Depending on requirements, the didactics module is available in two variants:

  • Assembly kit for quick and simple installation
  • Fully equipped module that can automatically trigger an acoustic alarm signal when using and operating a safety blocking device
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  • Frequency inverter MOVITRAC® B (MCB):
    • Connection voltage 1-phase/230 V/50 Hz
    • Inverter size 0S
  • Operation and interface:
  • Basic parameterization of the frequency inverter/AC asynchronous motors using a hand-held terminal
  • Activation of protection and monitoring functions
  • Visualization and optimization of the user parameters with our engineering software MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio
  • Measurement and recording of electrical quantities (voltage and current)
  • Integration in industrial networks via PROFIBUS or PROFINET

The didactics module is suitable for use in technical colleges or for the industrial and technical training of

  • Electronics specialists (MT, EBT, EMA, EAT, EGS)
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Automation technicians