MOVIDRIVE® B (MDX) drive inverter module

As the automation of plants increases, the need for realistic, tried and tested teaching aids becomes ever greater. Only with appropriate teaching can future specialists adequately prepare for their professional careers. Our MDX didactics module provides the optimum means of experiencing real-life situations and putting acquired theory into practice.

The subject of drive automation is made tangible with the tried and tested MDX learning module

Teaching aid for practicing on industry-standard drive inverters
Didactics module for MOVIDRIVE® B (MDX) drive inverters – practical learning
Didactics module for MOVIDRIVE® B (MDX) drive inverters – practical learning

Automated systems not only make life and work easier – they also make consumer goods more affordable. As a result, prospective electronics professionals (MT, EBT, EMA, EAT, EAFT, EGS) must increasingly concern themselves with the new requirements of plant and drive automation.

Industry-standard, electro-mechanical teaching aids have therefore become an essential element of their professional training. One particular example is our drive inverter module, which features a real MOVIDRIVE® B inverter. It describes the electronic control of AC asynchronous and synchronous motors to future experts in a clear, demonstrative manner.

The teaching aid is part of our modular didactics concept and was created on the basis of typical subject areas and lectures. It is designed for educational institutions and organizations for further training. This includes industry training centers, vocational schools, as well as colleges and universities.

Three-phase drive inverter with extensive technology functions

The three-phase MOVIDRIVE® B drive inverter represents the electronic core of the MDX module. Regardless of whether AC asynchronous motors or AC synchronous motors are to be controlled: The real MOVIDRIVE® B inverter enables use of a wide range of fieldbus systems and encoder controls. This is complemented by a large selection of pre-designed application modules and proven technology functions. The future electronics experts can practice applications such as electronic cams and synchronous operation with maximum dynamics and highest control quality.

We will be happy to advise you on your needs

  • With our extensive experience in education and training
  • On-site with our didactics specialists
  • With the optimum teaching aid and modules

Your benefits

  • Gain practical experience

    with the tried and tested MOVIDRIVE® B drive inverter and the visibly installed electrical equipment
  • Acquire future-proof qualifications

    based on multiple integrated technology functions and application modules, which provide practical experience of plant automation
  • Learn without risk

    thanks to safe installation of live components as well as visually and physically separated power and control signals

Components and technical data

  • Drive inverter MOVIDRIVE® B (MDX):
    • Connection voltage 3-phase/400 V/50 Hz
    • Inverter size, available in 0M and 1
  • Accessories:
  • Optional expansion:
    • MOVIDRIVE® control box (BMD)

Practical laboratory tutorials

  • Startup of drive inverter and AC asynchronous motor or synchronous motor via a keypad or on a PC
  • Activation of protection and monitoring functions as well as interaction between various motor and encoder types
  • Recording of scope functions and parameter comparison for diagnosing electrical quantities. Integration in industrial networks (PROFIBUS/PROFINET)

Areas of application

The MDX didactics module is suitable for use in technical colleges or for the industrial and technical training of

  • Electronics specialists (MT, EBT, EMA, EAT, EGS)
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Automation technicians

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