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Your benefits

Ensure practical relevance
Through the use of industry-standard components and protection elements as well as the visibility of all electrical equipment.

Become better qualified
With a tailor-made teaching aid that enables specialists to safely operate sophisticated automated systems.

Practice safely
Thanks to safe situation of all live components and lockable circuit breakers.

MOVITRAC® B module (MCB) frequency inverters
Practice in the laboratory how to monitor motor loads in plants and prevent overloading

In modern production plants with high throughput rates, downtime caused by motor overload can quickly become extremely costly. This means that prospective electronics experts (MT, EBT, EMA, EAT, EAFT, EGS) need to familiarize themselves with motor protection measures.

In accordance with subject area 8 "Selecting and integrating drives," we have developed a modular didactics concept with industry-standard equipment. The motor protection switches (MSS) didactics module is one of six sets of electromechanical teaching aids.

Prospective experts learn in a clear way what they can do to protect lines and motors in machines and plants, and then practice what they have learned. The didactics module MSS enables exercises to be carried out with a line-powered drive or in frequency inverter operation.

Proven industrial equipment and protection elements for high practical relevance

Industry-standard protection elements, such as a three-phase miniature circuit breaker, a motor protection switch, and a thermal overload relay, ensure complete practical relevance.

The circuit breaker, which can be locked for safety, supplies the module with 400 V. The students can tell by the indicator lamps whether a voltage is present during each phase.

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  • Three-phase circuit breaker:
    • Rated current
    • Trip characteristic K
    • Three-phase disconnection through mechanical coupling of the three circuit breakers
  • Motor protection switch:
    • Setting range 1 – 1.6 A
    • Overload and short-circuit monitoring
    • Clear display of the switch position and optical indicator on the front panel for short-circuit tripping
  • Thermal overload relay:
    • Setting range 1 – 1.4 A
    • 1 NO/1 NC auxiliary contact
    • Test button for checking functionality
  • Fusing of electrical networks and AC asynchronous motors
  • Parameterization of the motor protection switch and thermal overload relays
  • Measurement of electrical quantities (voltage and current)
  • Analysis of characteristic curves using the manufacturer's documentation in realistic cases of load or overload

The didactics module is suitable for use in technical high schools or for the industrial and technical training of

  • Electronics specialists (MT, EBT, EMA, EAT, EGS)
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Automation technicians