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Your benefits

Learn with practical relevance
thanks to a tried and tested standard motor from our drive technology range.

Flexible learning
thanks to the compact construction with handles, thus enabling simple transportation and modular deployment of your motor assembly.

Learn in safety
thanks to the safe, covered installation of the flywheel and input shaft.

Industry-standard AC asynchronous motor for flexible learning

AC asynchronous motors are an essential element of many drive technology systems. It is therefore extremely important that prospective drive technicians and electronics professionals gain practical experience on tried and tested motors.

In the case of the motor assembly (DRS..) module, we have therefore installed a DRS.. AC asynchronous motor from our range. For practical purposes, the sockets have been made easily accessible. Quick and safe startup is enabled by these test sockets.

A particular highlight of the motor assembly is its modular construction. It is bolted to an aluminum plate and equipped with two handles, making it very easy to transport. This also enables flexible setup in the individual learning environment.

Safety is also given highest priority with this teaching aid: The flywheel is covered to provide protection against injury from the output shaft.

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  • AC asynchronous motor type DRS71S4
    • Nominal power 0.37 kW
    • Voltage 230 V/400 V
    • ISO class F
  • Temperature sensor
  • Built-in encoder EI7C
  • Connections for temperature sensor and encoder in the form of 4 mm test sockets
  • Startup of TH motor protection
  • Startup of built-in encoder (EI7C)
  • Star or delta connection of AC asynchronous motor, visual inspection through transparent terminal box cover
  • Switching AC asynchronous motors on the grid and on frequency inverters
  • Flexible loading of the AC asynchronous motor

The didactics module can be used both in technical high schools and in industrial/technical training. It is particularly suitable for the training of

  • Electronics specialists (MT, EBT, EMA, EAT, EGS)
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Automation technicians