Drive technology for hoists in cranes

Hoist drives in crane applications have special requirements in terms of space and weight. SEW-EURODRIVE has therefore expanded its established industrial gear unit series X.. to include the application series X../HC for hoists.

Tailor-made industrial gear unit solution for heavy loads

Blue crane with hoist

Hoists often feature parallel-shaft gear units in which the rope drum and motor are arranged on the same side of the gear unit. Compact universal drives therefore often have to be oversized in terms of the torque, as the center distance between the input and output shafts is insufficient.

The new industrial gear unit series X../HC.. for hoists from SEW-EURODRIVE therefore has a larger center distance.

This gives the crane designer crucial advantages when designing the system:

  • Optimized choice of gearbox size with a reduced gear unit weight and, at the same time, sufficient center distance.
  • Lower investment costs for the drive
  • Savings in terms of materials and resources in the steel construction of the crane due to the weight reduction on the trolley

Reducing the total mass to be moved in this way, means that additional savings in terms of energy consumption can also be made. To increase this effect still further, the travel drives can also be made smaller if required.

Perfect solution for heavy radial loads

To absorb the radial loads from the wire rope tension, the gear unit is equipped with a reinforced solid shaft and reinforced bearings as standard. Depending on the system design, the drives are also available with hollow shafts for connecting to the application. In addition, foot-mounted design and torque arm variants are available to support the torque.

Special calculation programs enable configuration for a defined service life, e.g. with FEM-typical load spectra and crane ratings. Additional customer specifications in terms of safety values and application factors can also be included in the calculation.

Powerful: Hoist gear unit for driving the rope drum

Red industrial gear unit on a rope drum against a concrete background

Your standardized solution for hoisting applications: With our X../HC series, you can optimally cover the torque range from 12.8 to 112 kNm as needed. A wide range of equipment options, including motor adapters, brake consoles, couplings, brakes and (brake)motors, expand the product into a complete drive solution.

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Your advantages

  • Parallel arrangement of the motor and rope drum

    Thanks to parallel-shaft helical gear units with a larger center distance
  • Savings in terms of costs and weight

    The helical gear units with a larger center distance mean it is no longer necessary to oversize the gear units from reasons of space
  • Light and low in vibrations

    Due to the gray cast iron housing that has been optimized in terms of weight and rigidity
  • Always perfectly suited to the application

    Thanks to finely stepped torque classes from 12.8 to 112 kNm and a gear ratio range from 14 to 250
  • Quickly available

    The hoist gear unit is available as a catalog product and a special calculation program is used for the configuration
  • Can be combined flexibly

    Thanks to a range of options that ensure optimum adjustment to the installation situation


  • Parallel-shaft helical gear unit in 11 sizes
  • U configuration: The motor and rope drum are on the same side of the gear unit
  • Single-piece gray cast iron housing, optimized in terms of weight and with a large inspection opening on the top
  • Mounting options:
    • Foot mounting
    • Torque arm
  • Output shafts:
    • Reinforced solid shaft with a key and reinforced bearings
    • Other solid and hollow shaft variants in accordance with the standard for the X series (hollow shaft with shrink disk or key, DIN 5480, second key etc.)
  • Motor adapter incl. elastic coupling for IEC132-315 (option)
  • Brake console for drum brake in accordance with DIN 15435 (option)
  • Oil heating and thermostat from standard X modular system (option)

Technical data

Gear ratios and torques

Close table

Gear unit design


Gear ratio

Nominal torque MN2

Helical gear unit X../HC

3 to 4 stages

14 – 250

12.8 – 112
We have stored a table for you here.

Areas of application

  • Process cranes
  • Port cranes
  • Loading cranes
  • Gantry cranes

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Three different red industrial gear units in the X series against a concrete background

X series industrial gear unit

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