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Your advantages

Learn with practical relevance
Thanks to a tried-and-tested brake control from our drive technology range

Learn in safety
Thanks to the 4 mm safety contact sockets/connectors commonly used in labs and protection of active components against contact

For other laboratory exercises with the DRS.. brakemotor assembly module

The BMK brake control module provides a practical means of learning both about the correct wiring between the brake control and motor brake as well as the operating principle of such a brake control.

The BMK module releases and applies the brake of the DRS.. brakemotor. A wide range of control concepts can be implemented by means of a three-stage rotary switch – for example, manual control with the rotary switch or using a frequency inverter.

If you are interested in using the DRS.. brakemotor assembly as a teaching aid, we recommend that you also order the BMK brake control module.

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  • Brake control (BMKB 1.5)
  • Half-wave rectifier with electric switching function
  • 24 VDC control input
  • Brake voltage of 150 VAC to 500 VAC
  • Separation on DC side with LED for indicating operational readiness
  • 3-step rotary switch
  • Connection of a motor brake of the AC asynchronous motor to the brake control
  • Manual release of the brake or using a frequency inverter

The didactics module can be used both in industrial/technical training and in technical high schools. It is particularly suitable for the training of

  • Electronics specialists (MT, EBT, EMA, EAT, EGS)
  • Master automation technicians
  • Master electrical engineers
  • Master mechatronics technicians