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"Tell me and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand." The Chinese philosopher Confucius (551 B.C. – 479 B.C.) had a clear understanding even back then about what is important to ensure sustainable learning success. Even though it may be impossible to dispense with teaching the dry theory, it is only through the use of practical teaching and practice aids that aspiring professionals can begin to really internalize and fully comprehend what they have learned for their future career.

This is why we, one of the world's leaders in drive and automation technology, offer teaching aids that are both sophisticated and highly practical. In addition, proven components from our own product portfolio have been specially prepared for use by the educational institutions training future electronics engineers, industrial mechanics, mechatronics engineers etc., as well as by colleges and universities.

What we offer you

Didactics for electromechanics

MOVIDRIVE® B-Modul drive inverter module (MDX) MOVIDRIVE® control box (BMD) MOVITRAC® B frequency inverter module (MCB) MOVITRAC® B frequency inverter module (MCB 5A3) MOVI4R-U® frequency inverter module (M4U) MOVIFIT® drive inverter module (MTF) Polymer optical fibre module (POF) Brake control module (BMK) Brake control module (BMV) Motor assembly DRS.. Brakemotor assembly DRS.. Motor assembly CMP.. Brakemotor assembly CMP.. Motor load brake module (MLB) Motor protection switch module (MSS) Reversing contactor module (WSS) Star/delta switchover module (SDU) Motor load diagnostics module (MLD)

Didactics for gear technology

Helical gear unit kit and cut-away model Helical-bevel gear unit kit and cut-away model Helical-worm gear unit kit and cut-away model Planetary servo gear unit kit and cut-away model

Didactics for systemes

Conveyor line module Hoist module MOVIGEAR® functional model Multi-functional model

Didactics documentation and exercise materials