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Your benefits

Extremely compact
Thanks to its small size and low weight, the MOVIMOT® performance ELV is the perfect choice for highly integrated systems.

Extremely communicative
The integrated Ethernet-based interface enables vertical and horizontal communication, thus opening up end-to-end networking.

Extremely energy efficient
Compactness and DC energy recovery ensure a high degree of efficiency.

Its low weight, reduced use of materials, and a service-friendly, modular, and recyclable design all make a key contribution to environmental protection.

The M12 plugs and globally available standard cable reduce your installation costs.

Very simple
Engineering to SEW-EURODRIVE standards via our MOVISUITE® software and the MOVILINK® DDI electronic nameplate make your work easier from planning through to maintenance.

Compact, communicative, efficient, precise

With MOVIMOT® performance ELV (ELV = Extra-Low Voltage), we are expanding our range of decentralized compact extra-low voltage drives with DC 48V supply to include network-capable designs with safety function. Ethernet-based communication interfaces enable highly flexible process control and systematic material flow monitoring, particularly in facilities with complex transport systems. The new compact extra-low voltage drive also combines a permanent-field synchronous motor with a dynamic drive controller. You can temporarily harness up to 360 percent of the motor's continuous torque for acceleration procedures or peaks in the material flow. This makes it possible to achieve decentralized drive solutions in your systems that exhibit considerable power density and high efficiency.

Additional advantage: All connections are made consistently via standardized and standard-compliant M12 plug connectors that are coded differently. As a result, you can achieve rapid installation – even under time pressure or in difficult installation conditions. What's more, the protective extra-low voltage design eliminates the need for certain installation measures designed to ensure electrical safety.

Integrated high-resolution encoders, single-turn or multi-turn, perfectly fulfill the requirements of applications for which efficient and dynamic control of torque, speed, or position are a top priority. Typical areas of use for the entire drive portfolio include applications in intralogistics and distribution logistics, such as rotary units, lifting modules, corner transfer units, and cross-belt sorters. SEW-EURODRIVE's compact extra-low voltage drives are the perfect solution for stationary and mobile storage systems such as conveyor modules, load handling devices, and shuttle travel drives.

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Reduce your engineering outlay

MOVIMOT® performance ELV can be combined with the tried-and-tested planetary, right-angle and parallel-shaft helical gear units from the SEW-EURODRIVE modular system. The compact extra-low voltage drive thus enables both needs-oriented and flexible design integration into your application or system. What's more, the drives are available with a choice of PROFINET, Ethernet or EtherCAT® interface. They therefore enable both horizontal communication between drive modules and vertical communication with the system control level. Comprehensive device and system status analyses are supported by the electronic nameplate and the continuous availability of status and load data.

All in all, MOVIMOT® performance ELV reduces your engineering outlay and you have even more combination options thanks to the compatibility of the MOVI-C® portfolio. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us!

Features and benefits

  • High short-term overload capacity for optimized dimensioning of the compact extra-low voltage drives in very compact applications
  • Comprehensive planning, processing, startup, and analysis by using the MOVISUITE® engineering software
  • Versatile use in automation solutions
    • Available in various supply topologies – traditionally with stationary DC 48 V power supply units, or mobile, with batteries and energy modules
    • in networks with centralized or decentralized controllers via Ethernet or wireless communication


  • Signal/power electronics, brake control, DI single-turn encoder, digital I/O, Ethernet fieldbus, CFC closed loop system
  • Operating modes: torque, speed, positioning

Modular DCA.. unit design with gear unit adapter solution for

  • order-independent production and storage of DCA.. unit modules
  • order-specific drive configuration and product assembly
  • local assembly at various SEW-EURODRIVE sites (future prospects)

Combinable gear units from the SEW-EURODRIVE modular system

  • F.02/F.03 parallel-shaft helical gear unit
    • 2 sizes, 3-stage, solid shaft or hollow shaft
    • 5 reduction ratios, i = 6 – 48
  • W.02/W.03 SPIROPLAN® right-angle gear unit
    • 2 sizes, 1-stage, solid shaft or hollow shaft
    • 5 reduction ratios, i = 6 – 48
  • PNZ63A planetary gear unit
    • 1 size, 1- or 2-stage
    • 3 reduction ratios, i = 5/15/45
  • KNZ63A right-angle gear unit
    • 1 size, 2- or 3-stage
    • 3 reduction ratios, i = 17/54/84.8


  • Holding brake
  • Multi-turn encoder
  • Safe Torque Off HW (STO, PL d)
  • MOVIKIT® software modules

Technical data

Mounting positionDCA63S-4LPDCA63M-4LPDCA63L-4LP
Power180 W272 W376 W
Torque0.43 Nm0.65 Nm0.85 Nm
Speed4000 min-14000 min-14000 min-1
Weight2.05 kg2.35 kg2.65 kg

Typical logistics applications

  • Transfer shuttles between distribution and warehouse logistics
  • Small parts shuttles in warehouse logistics
  • Roller conveyor for long distances in distribution logistics
  • Roller conveyor modules for short distances in distribution logistics
  • Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) in mobile logistics