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How you benefit

Benefit from energy-saving potential
High system efficiency ensures that up to 50% less energy is used compared to conventional drive systems

Less variants
Thanks to the speed setting range with constant, continuous torque and high overload torque, one variant can be used for many tasks

Easier installation
Combining power and communication in one cable minimizes installation costs and risk of error

Less installation space needed
Complete component integration and compact design reduce the installation space required without compromising on performance

Build cost efficiency into planning
Storage costs for spare parts and overall operating costs are reduced thanks to the specific features and benefits of the product

MOVIGEAR®: An efficient unit with integrated motor, gear unit, and electronics

The MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system is designed for flexible use across various communication infrastructures. This makes it ideal for decentralized applications in the field. With its compact design and optimal integration of components with permanent-field synchronous motor, gear unit, and integrated electronics, MOVIGEAR® is especially tailored for efficient use in the general materials handling sector. Benefit from the advantages of MOVIGEAR®.

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Gear unit flexibility: The DRC.. electronic motor in efficiency class IE4

The compact design of our DRC.. electronic motor combines integrated electronics with a permanent-field synchronous motor to offer the ideal solution for decentralized applications where maximum gear unit flexibility is a must. When used in conjunction with a highly efficient helical, helical-bevel, or parallel-shaft helical gear unit or as a standalone motor, the DRC.. electronic motor becomes a high-performance, decentralized drive unit. The DRC.. electronic motor comes in the same communication variants as MOVIGEAR®, and is available in four sizes with power ratings from 0.55 kW to 4 kW. This enables the achievement of continuous torques of 2.6 Nm or 19.1 Nm. Benefit from the numerous advantages of our DRC.. electronic motor.

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An efficient solution for central installations

Our solution with MGF..-DSM and MOVITRAC® LTP-B extends many of the advantages of our MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system to central installations. To this end, we combine the MGF..-DSM gearmotor with the MOVITRAC® LTP-B control cabinet inverter and a CCU configurable application controller or a fieldbus gateway. All the components of this system are specially coordinated, highly efficient to handle and operate, and completely embedded in the SEW‑EURODRIVE software tools.

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Controller hardware for decentralized installations

The controller for decentralized technology comes into play wherever intelligent motion functions are required in the field. It relieves the central programmable logic controller (PLC) and reduces response times. With its modular functionality, whether in the configurable version with predefined function modules or in the freely programmable version, MOVIFIT®-FDC SNI can be used to intelligently control up to 16 axes via SBus or 10 MOVIGEAR®-SNI. Designed for use in control cabinets, the DH.21B and DH.41B controllers for controlling up to 16 SBus devices offer compelling space-saving alternatives.

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