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The benefits for you

Small installation space
Thanks to a scalable multi-axis concept in DC 48 V technology in an extremely compact design

High performance and impressive power
Thanks to extremely short cycle times that enable high load inertia, high dynamics as well as maximum and continuous currents for rapid acceleration processes in the application

Seamless coordination
Through multi-axis and kinematically complex movements that can be easily implemented using the MOVI-C® CONTROLLER

Simple service
With convenient servicing options thanks to decentralized technology, simple pluggability and a single-cable solution

SCM compact decentralized controller
For mobile and decentralized motion and processing tasks with multiple axes

With the multi-axis version of the SCM compact decentralized controller, the versions of the individual units can be combined as required. This concept enables different drive solutions with 4, 6 or 8 axes with just one basic unit. The minimal number of variants results in considerable savings potential and has a positive effect on operating and procurement costs as well as administration and storage costs.

Are you looking for an energy-efficient solution for your application and a simple way of powering multiple axes? Not a problem. The DC link connection between the axes ensures that the regenerative energy is used efficiently. For an optimum power supply between the axes, the voltage DC link can be connected to the "SCM DC link connection" accessory. If the units are not positioned directly next to each other, a DC link connection using commercially available cable lugs is possible.

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Multi-axis versions

  • Each with an optional DC 24 V power supply unit

4-axis version

6-axis version

8-axis version


Country certifications:

  • CE (Europe)
  • UKCA (United Kingdom)
  • UL/UR (USA and Canada)

Technical data

Number of axes 4, 6 or 8
Nominal voltage DC 48 V
Voltage range DC 20 to 60 V
Nominal current consumption 100 A
Configuration interface EtherCAT® and service interface
Axis nominal current 37 A
Axis peak current 56.5 A
Encoder type EnDat 2.2/Resolver
Brake control 24 (two- and three-wire)
Ambient conditions 0 to 50°C / IP20 degree of protection
(-30 to 0°C on request)
Voltage output (optional)24+/DC -10% V / 12 A
Storage bundle diagnostics Voltage/temperature monitoring
Safety functions STO PL e
Fieldbus interface EtherCAT® slave
Weight without heat sink 0.95 kg x number of SCM compacts


Our SCM solutions can be used across multiple industries.
This is one of the main reasons why the SCM decentralized controller is ideally suited for a variety of applications:

  • Automation solutions for loading and unloading production and processing machines (metal, plastic, wood, etc.)
  • Transporting products/carriers to/through packaging and food processing machines
  • Handling and robotics solutions
  • Software modules for intralogistics
  • Battery-operated construction vehicles and machines
  • Auxiliary units for municipal, fire service, airport and cleaning vehicles
  • Special solutions for sheet metal/steel, e.g. molding applications
  • Mobile off-highway applications
  • Automatic car park systems

SCM accessories

Choose the appropriate accessory for straightforward and immediate use.

  • The "SCM shield connection" enables integrated shield connection directly on the device.
  • The "Periphery SCM connector" includes all necessary peripheral connectors.
  • The "SCM DC link connection" is available for combining the devices to make a multi-axis version.

SCM shield connection accessory

The accessory allows the shield to be connected directly to the device:

  • Power connection
  • Signal connection

Periphery SCM connector accessory

A set containing all connectors is available for connecting the peripherals:

  • PCB connector for assembling a cable with conductor end sleeves

DC link connection accessory

The DC link connection for a multi-axis version without heat sink is installed as a supplement.

Four-axis heavy-duty container shuttle

Sample system solution for mobile technology moduleswith the SCM decentralized controller:

This heavy-duty shuttle container is equipped with the SCM compact controller with IP20 rating as a multi-axis version with 4 axes.


  • Four-axis heavy-duty container shuttle for transporting and warehousing multiple containers with the decentralized SCM controllers
  • Reading of the SSI linear measuring sensor via the SCM solution and closing of the position control loop in the MOVI-C® CONTROLLER
  • Peak load storage and supply reliability thanks to onboard storage bundle SuperCap modules
  • High travel speeds in connection with CM3C servomotors and PxG® planetary servo gear units
  • MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer system, sliding contacts, energy storage devices, SuperCaps, batteries and combinations of these

The added value for you:

  • Compact design of the container shuttles even with larger load handling devices
  • Position of the shuttle determined precisely at all times regardless of the possible slip of the drive wheels
  • Barely any fluctuation in the supply power; supply ensured at critical transitions
  • Rapid cycle times even with long drive aisles
  • Wide range of possible supply concepts depending on the application and ambient conditions

Motors and gear units

Extremely dynamic, precise and powerful synchronous servomotors for DC 48 V applications:

  • The synchronous servomotors can be combined with the SEW‑EURODRIVE modular gear unit system as a direct mounting solution or using an adapter.
  • The servomotors can be selected with a working brake or holding brake.
  • The EnDat 2.2 or Resolver encoder system is available to provide motor feedback.

Synchronous servomotors with a rated voltage of DC 48 V

  • Standstill torque of synchronous motors 0.75 to 4.2 Nm
  • Maximum torque of synchronous motors 3.5 to 6.8 Nm
  • Speed classes 4500 or 3000 rpm

Encoder systems:

  • EnDat 2.2 multi-turn encoder
  • Resolver

Brake (optional):

  • Working brake
  • Holding brake

Gear unit:

  • SEW‑EURODRIVE modular gear unit system for direct mounting
  • Coupling/adapter solutions


Two high-quality cable systems are available for connecting the motor: the single-cable solution and the two-cable solution. Both types can be freely configured in length. The hybrid cable is intended for use of the EnDat 2.2 encoder system.

Single-cable solution:

  • Only one cable
  • Variable length
  • Suitable for cable carriers
  • EnDat 2.2 multi-turn

Two-cable solution:

  • Encoder cable and power cable
  • Variable length
  • Suitable for cable carriers
  • Resolver design
  • EnDat 2.2 multi-turn

Control technology and safety controllers

The module and machine controllers from our MOVI-C® modular automation system are available specifically for mobile and decentralized applications.

Performance classes:

  • standard UHX25A
  • advanced UHX45A
  • progressive UHX65A

We offer safety controllers in the SCU/SDU series with corresponding input and output modules as an overall system with excellent consistency and integration via EtherCAT®/Safety over EtherCAT®.

Visualization solutions

SEW‑EURODRIVE offers a wide range of products for the visualization and integration of mobile handhelds, monitors, DOPs and web panels.

Energy transfer and supply

Solutions for contactless energy transfer with MOVITRANS® as well as energy and peak load storage solutions with MOVI‑DPS® ensure safe energy supply in mobile applications.

Software solutions

Prefabricated software modules are available to ensure quick and reliable startup. They enable time- and cost-optimized functional reliability when operating the application.

Startup and services

Within our MOVISUITE® engineering interface (in the IEC Editor), the solutions in the SCM series can be started up easily and intuitively using the "MultiAxisController startup" plug-in.

At SEW‑EURODRIVE, Life Cycle Services encompass services, tools and resources throughout the entire system life cycle. This begins in the initial orientation phase and continues all the way through to the operation and modernization of your machinery and systems. We provide you with assistance when using the software modules.

Klaus Just, Manager Service Sales Support – System Planning:

"The multi-axis version of the SCM decentralized controller allows multi-axis solutions to be implemented in a space-saving, energy-efficient and cost-saving manner. Our customers have a very high degree of flexibility since a wide range of machine concepts are possible with one basic type. Warehousing, procurement and flexible project planning are made considerably easier. Customers with different software modules, such as shuttles with load handling devices, are impressed by the modularity."