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Decentralized SCM controllers – compact, high-performance powerhouses

Equipped with one of our decentralized SCM multiaxis servo controllers, our drive systems are perfectly suited to a wide range of different applications:

  • Handling and robotic solutions
  • Pick and place applications in packaging or processing machines
  • Autonomous, automated guided vehicles
  • Mobile construction vehicles or agricultural robots
  • Automatic parking-lot systems
  • and many more

Particularly for applications that demand a compact design and power, our drive systems with SCM decentralized controllers are the best choice. Their most striking features are their functional variety and variability. DC 48 V technology included!

What does "system solution" mean with regard to SCM?

In the case of a drive system, we do not just consider an individual component, but rather the optimized system solution for the customer. And we always focus on the specific application, while taking the ambient conditions into account. This type of system solution includes not only classic system components such as drive electronics, cables, and gearmotors with protective extra-low voltage, but also supplementary components:

  • Energy transfer and energy management
  • Safety technology
  • Software and visualization solutions
  • Startup and services
  • Control technology
  • Other comprehensive services
Where are decentralized SCM controllers used?

Our SCM solutions can be used in a wide range of industries, and always impress with their space-saving, compact structure and their power. The typical applications include the following:

  • Automation solutions for loading and unloading production and processing machinery (metal, plastic, wood, etc.)
  • Product and carrier transport to and/or through packaging and food machinery
  • Handling and robotic solutions
  • Track-guided or freely navigating automated guided vehicle systems
  • Software modules in intralogistics
  • Battery-driven construction vehicles and machinery
  • Auxiliary units for municipal, fire-service, airport, and cleaning vehicles
  • Special solutions in the field of sheet metal and steel, e.g. pig applications
  • Mobile off-highway" applications
  • Automatic parking-lot systems
How does an SCM controller work in a mobile application?

The decentralized SCM controllers are optimized in terms of their installation space, power, durability, and connection technology, so they are ideally suited to free-moving or rail-guided mobile applications. In the process, they can be supplied with power from various voltage sources such as batteries, inductive energy supplies, double-layer capacitors, and sliding contacts. They can be operated with position, speed, or torque control, and so drive the servomotors. They are generally activated with a higher-level fieldbus system or autonomously with a MOVI-C® CONTROLLER from SEW-EURODRIVE.

How do you set up a mobile system with DC 48 V technology?

The voltage supply is provided via batteries, a contactless energy supply, charging/sliding contacts, or via double-layer capacitors. The protective extra-low voltage technology (DC 48 V technology) is included with our decentralized SCM controllers. Simple positional specifications or even complex motion kinematics are calculated in the controller and then transmitted to the SCM controllers via our fast and deterministic EtherCAT® motion bus. The motion is then performed with free navigation or track guidance using directly integrated sensor technology (e.g. track guidance sensor or laser scanner).

What are the advantages of SCM controllers for mobile systems?

Many necessary functions for mobile applications are already integrated into the decentralized SCM controllers:

  • DC 24 V power supply unit
  • Reading in a distance encoder
  • Many digital inputs/outputs and several analog inputs
  • Monitoring of energy storage units

The solution in mobile applications is also impressive because of numerous other advantages:

  • Small installation space: Scalable multiaxis concept in DC 48 V technology in extremely compact mounting position
  • High performance: Extremely short cycle times enable high dynamics and large load moment ratios
  • Impressive power: High maximum and continuous currents for rapid acceleration processes and short cycle times in the application
  • Numerous integrated inputs and outputs: Including the control of holding and working brakes
  • Various energy supply solutions: High variability thanks to the use of accumulators, sliding contacts, the MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer system, and the MOVI-DPS® energy storage unit
  • Seamless coordination: Multiaxis and also kinematically complex movements are easy to implement with the MOVI-C® CONTROLLER
  • Simple service: Convenient service capability thanks to decentralized technology, simple plug-in connectivity, and a single-cable solution
  • DC 24 V voltage supply for periphery: Integrated DC 24 V power supply unit for supplying external electronics components
What are the characteristics of an SCM controller?

Our decentralized SCM controllers are impressive thanks to their outstanding characteristics. The most important characteristics include the following:

  • Protective extra-low voltage between DC 20 V and DC 60 V
  • High-performance current, speed, and position control
  • Integrated DC 24 V supply of entire mobile units
  • Plug-in interfaces
  • IP20 design: 2 axes scalable to 4, 6, 8 axes
  • Standardized motor encoder protocol EnDat 2.2 and resolver; additional distance encoder possible
  • Control of working and holding brakes
  • Integrated input and output functions
  • Plug-in interfaces for supply, motors, and encoders
  • Changes to the cable lengths and wiring are possible in the field, depending on the design
What are the advantages of SCM solutions for rail guidance?

Drive systems with an SCM decentralized controller offer great advantages, especially for rail-guided applications, e.g. for shuttles:

  • Simple and cost-optimized aisle setup
  • Position of the shuttle can be determined precisely, depending on any possible slip in the drive wheels
  • Compact structure of shuttles is possible
  • Quick cycle times despite long travel aisles
  • Many of the required functions for mobile applications integrated into a single device (24 V power supply unit, reading in the distance encoder, many input and output functions, monitoring the energy storage units, etc.)
  • Various supply concepts are possible
  • Simple connection to the line/process controller via standardized fieldbuses
  • High degree of standardization; no proprietary solution
  • Component certifications issued by SEW-EURODRIVE
  • Various concepts for drive solutions from the standard modular system of a manufacturer
  • Customized solutions for high dynamics and small installation spaces
  • Space-saving, easily connectible, and prefabricated cables
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