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What is decentralized drive technology?

Many machines and systems are controlled centrally from a control cabinet. This control cabinet contains controllers, frequency inverters, power supply, safety devices and much more. But, control cabinet space is expensive. The larger a machine or system becomes, the larger the control cabinets become, and the more complex the changes in the system can be.

With a decentralized concept, many functions migrate from the control cabinet to the system or machine – close to the places where, for example, controllers or inverters are also required. The system can be configured and tested in a modular manner, the cabling effort in the control cabinet is reduced massively, and energy efficiency is increased.

What are the advantages of decentralized drive technology?

Customer needs are changing faster and faster. Factories have to adapt to changing demands. Customized products, i.e. batch size 1, are virtually standard nowadays, with mass production being used almost exclusively for consumables.

Decentralized drive and automation technology enables this flexibility in manufacturing to quickly adapt production lines to new products or changing demand. Instead of rigid conveyor technology, these processes can be quickly and easily adapted to new workflows. And in contrast to centrally controlled systems, no major programming and cabling work is required.

How does decentralized drive technology work?

Concepts for decentralized drive technology move the intelligence and the controlling electronics (frequency inverter) from the control cabinet to the drive. The power and control electronics can be mounted directly on the motor housing. The intelligence for controlling the motor is thus relocated from the control cabinet to the drive. However, if there is not enough space, for example, the electronics can also be placed close to the motor, i.e. in a remote position.

When is decentralized drive technology worthwhile?

The advantages of a decentralized installation only arise from a certain size of the plant and a certain number of decentralized drives.

What does decentralized technology have to do with mechatronics?

In classic decentralized drives, the frequency inverter moves to or close to the motor - these can be asynchronous motors or servo motors. However, depending on the production, for example in food production, asynchronous motors cannot always be used, as these usually have a fan and cooling fins for heat dissipation. This fan can distribute germs with the air flow. The cooling fins are not easy to clean.

Mechatronics, i.e. the complete integration of motor, gearbox and converter in one housing concept, offers many advantages. On the one hand, space is saved because the gear unit and motor are directly intermeshed. In addition, the converter and control technology is adapted to the application. If a fanless motor, such as a servomotor, is used as the drive, the heat generated only has to be dissipated via an easy-to-clean housing.

We call this integration and high functional compression mechatronics. Therefore, our MOVIGEAR® is also a mechatronic drive solution.

Which advantages does the MOVI-C® modular automation system offer here?

Complete automation is possible with the MOVI-C® modular automation system from SEW-EURODRIVE. This means an integrated solution, one manufacturer – from the software for planning, startup, operation and diagnostics to electronic control units and mechanical drives. You receive all the necessary automation components from a single source. Naturally, they can be fully integrated into all automation concepts, fieldbus topologies and network standards. You are completely free to choose your own communication topology. MOVI-C® offers you all the benefits of communication: from PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet to Modbus or, in future, OPC UA.

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