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Into the digital world with a scan

By using the QR code on the product, we offer you quick access to our digital services. Simply scan the QR code on the product and get started right away!

Our digital access - your added value

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From start-up to maintenance and repair, all important information and services are available to you on the go. Simply scan the QR code on the product and you're ready to go - try it out!

You want to know how?

Das Smartphone als Helfer
Das Smartphone als Helfer

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Das Smartphone als Helfer

In this video, you will learn in detail how the QR code and the Digital Services Cockpit can help you in your work.

The most important in brief

Which products have the QR code?

The QR code is currently being delivered on 80 percent of our products in various countries. In 2022, all other products with a serial number will also receive a product label worldwide.

How do I scan the QR code?

You can either scan the product label with your mobile device using the camera or scanner app or use the apps from SEW-EURODRIVE, such as the new IoT app or the SEW product ID plus app. The URL stored in the QR code leads you directly to the respective product in the Digital Services Cockpit. This way, you can get the information you need on your smartphone or tablet in a matter of seconds.

What functions are available to me via the Digital Services Cockpit?

Use the QR code to access the Digital Services of SEW-EURODRIVE. Here, product-specific information and functions are available to you. The product label with the QR code and the Digital Services Cockpit primarily serve as quick access to online support when you are directly at the machine or system. The selection of functions is always the same: technical product data, documentation, spare parts, fault management and contact. In other words, exactly what you need for your product at the moment. New functions for installation and commissioning, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance are in preparation.

What are the Digital Services?

Our Digital Services Cockpit gives you quick access to frequently requested services:

  • Access to product technical data
  • Access to product-specific documentation and manuals
  • Checking the installation position with the aid of a CAD image
  • Help with fault analysis
  • Assistance with spare parts selection
  • Sending a service request
  • Contact the 24h service of SEW-EURODRIVE
  • What are the Digital Services?

Your benefits

  • Immediate entry into "Digital Services" via the product

    from SEW-EURODRIVE. From startup to maintenance and repair, we support you in your work.
  • fast reaction in case of malfunctions

    through a guided fault analysis, the possibility of a direct service request or spare parts ordering.
  • Support during installation and commissioning

    through quick access to the product data and documentation as well as the control of the installation position based on the CAD representation of the product
  • available for you around the clock and everywhere

    no matter when, no matter where.
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