Food and consumer trends

The 6 most important food and consumer trends

"I am what I eat." Food and beverages have long since become lifestyle products. But what are the long-term trends and what do they mean for manufacturers? Join us as we look to the future and whet your appetite for a new, smart type of food production.

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More diversity

Individualization and diversity are a megatrend in the food industry – and machinery needs to keep up with the pace of change.
More sustainability

The packaging of a food plays a huge role in determining how environmentally-friendly it is. There are plenty of new ideas for packaging – and just as many challenges for industry.
More about the experience

New technologies open up new ways that we can experience products, whether in terms of sensory packaging or digitally linked information.
More documentation

Whether it's organic or fairtrade, consumers want to know where their food has come from. That's no problem for a fully networked production and supply chain.

Think production, think the bigger picture

Customer requirements
Customer requirements are becoming increasingly outlandish. The only way to respond to those needs without generating huge costs is to have a flexible production line.
Every product
Every product can be seamlessly traced and all data is available at all times, which is essential for quality assurance and for certification with organic and environmental labels.
Production as a whole
Production as a whole is being optimized. Ensuring that all the individual components work together better will raise productivity and increase plant availability.
Production on demand
On-demand production eliminates the need for large storage areas. The example set by the automotive industry can also bring advantages for the food sector.

What consumers want. And how you meet their requirements.

Packaging made from plant waste? Water bottles in a standardized format? Energy drinks with a link to an app?

These aren't fantastical ideas for a far-off future, they are the signs of a food industry that is moving with the times – and it needs to. After all, consumers want food and beverages that fit with their lifestyle; that are organic, individualized and experience based.

Production lines can't deliver that if they are rigid, as so many are. Instead, manufacturers need modular drive concepts so they can quickly and flexibly adapt their machinery – concepts that are controlled by smart software and integrated into a networked production environment.

Get your production fit for the future

Read our detailed article to find out about the trends that are coming to the food industry, how you can adapt your production to meet them and why SEW-EURODRIVE is the right partner to have at your side.

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6 food and consumer trends

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