Drive units for loading and unloading trucks in logistics centers

  • Loading goods

    In the logistics industry, automated systems are used for loading and unloading trucks.

Large quantities of various goods arrive in and depart from logistics centers every day. In order to be able to reliably load and unload trucks and ensure high throughput rates, you'll need an equally reliable drive technology.

Your benefits

  • High flexibility

    thanks to adaptable drive technology that can be used to load all types of goods in continuous operation.
  • Optimum savings on space

    thanks to the compact design of our drives and use of decentralized technology.
  • High energy savings

    due to highly efficient mechatronic drive technology.
  • Low operating costs

    thanks to low-maintenance drives with overload capacity that ensure increased reliability.

Our solutions for reliable and precise loading of goods

Conveyor line

Moving goods, packaging units and pallets securely to loading stations

During the goods receipt and goods issue process in large distribution centers, conveyor lines are used to support the secure and timely loading and unloading of trucks. With the help of high-torque, efficient drive technology, you can complete tasks reliably and reduce your energy consumption considerably in the process.

Our offer for your application

Asynchronous AC motors in the DR.. series

The AC motors of the DR.. series comply with all international efficiency standards and already meet the new requirements of the IEC motor standard. So we can offer you high energy-saving potential and long-term security by complying with the standards of tomorrow today.

DRC.. electronic motors

Do you want to equip your system with mechatronic decentralized drive technology? Then there's only one choice for you: the permanent-field, IE4-efficiency class synchronous motor with integrated drive electronics.

MOVIMOT® decentralized gearmotor with inverter

This gearmotor with integrated frequency inverter is designed for streamlined, decentralized installation.

MOVI-SWITCH® decentralized gearmotor with motor starter

This gearmotor with integrated motor starter does not require additional control cabinet space.

MAXOLUTION® application solution for conveyor lines

Your planning is made considerably easier thanks to the application solution for our conveyor lines. We have already put together compatible drive components for you – and you will also receive a functional guarantee.

Rotary tables / corner transfer units

Transferring goods and packaging units at an angle

Corner transfer units or rotary tables are used when the direction of goods on the conveyor line needs to be changed. For this application, our drive technology offers you a compact design in addition to high material flow performance and efficiency. We also offer predefined application packages to make your planning faster and easier.

Our offer for your application

Standard gearmotors

Our modular concept offers you a comprehensive range of standard gearmotors that can be customized for any application or requirement.

MOVIMOT® decentralized drive

This gearmotor with integrated frequency inverter is designed for streamlined, decentralized installation.

MOVIFIT® FC decentralized standard inverter

Depending on the function level, the MOVIFIT® FC decentralized standard inverter can be used for both easy and challenging tasks.

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