Coking plant

A coking plant processes mined coal, producing coke and coke oven gas. This conversion process takes place in batteries of coke ovens, in the absence of oxygen, and at temperatures of up to 1400 °C, before the coke is then quenched. A continuous material flow is essential to this process, which is why the material is transported using various conveyor systems, discharge units, travel drives, pushers, and charger drives.

Drive technology for the steel industryT
  • Transporting coal to the coking plant
  • Coking machines

Transporting coal to the coking plant

Coal is transported to the coking plant by ship or rail. Once the raw material has been unloaded, various different drives are used for its onward transportation, as appropriate to requirements. Belt conveyors create a steady material feed to the coking plant while discharge units move the coal out of an intermediate silo and into the coke oven battery.

Coking machines

First of all, the coal is mixed, pulverized, and pounded to form a coal cake. This coal cake is then pushed by a charger-drive into the ovens. A row of travel drives ensures batteries of coke ovens are continuously loaded and emptied on a cyclical basis. Once the ovens have been sealed, heated, and degassed, the finished coke is pushed out of the oven batteries by a ram drive. These operations are precisely coordinated so that a ramming operation can be carried out in the space of a few minutes.

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about drive technology in the steel industry is available here: Brochure   (PDF, 43.8 MB)