Drive technology for slewing tower cranes at WOLFFKRAN GmbH

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WOLFFKRAN, a world market leader for slewing tower cranes, has its international headquarters in Zug, around 20 kilometers south of Zurich, and production plants in Heilbronn and Luckau. The company's trolley (saddle) and luffing jib cranes are a big success and are used in virtually all regions of the world. The "red WOLFFS" combine simplicity, robustness, durability and easy assembly.

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Location: Zug, Switzerland

Industry: Construction industry

Application: Crane tech

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  • Nominal torque range between 27.5 and 175 kNm
  • Increased center distance to arrange the motor and rope drum on one side of the gear unit (U-shape)
  • High input speeds
  • Protruding intermediate shaft for mounting a disk brake
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  • Customized gear unit design for optimum adaptation to the installation space and operating conditions on site
  • In addition to the customized gear unit design, SEW-EURODRIVE also provides standardized hoist gear units with a larger center distance based on the established X.. series
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  • Oversizing of gear units is not necessary because the U-shaped arrangement of rope drum and motor is implemented by means of a larger center distance
  • Optimum adaptation to the installation space and operating conditions on site
  • Everything from a single source: SEW-EURODRIVE not only supplies hoist gear units but also drive units for crane trolleys
  • Local support through global presence

The hoist winches that transport loads ranging from 6 to 60 metric tons several hours a day are the cranes' key component. The trend toward ever higher buildings means that the cranes' lifting distances are also steadily increasing. Up to 1000 meters of rope is now wound onto the winches.

The resulting loads have an impact on the drive technology used. The hoist gear unit in particular has a key role to play. Besides a high power density, long-term reliability is the main criterion when selecting this unit. Further requirements such as short delivery times and straightforward gear unit selection are particularly important for crane builders when deciding on a gear unit supplier.


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