Complete automation of an FFS machine

  • Wolf: Vertical FFS machine

Wolf: MOVI-C® makes configuration, startup and maintenance easier

The vertical VPC FFS packaging machine from the mechanical engineering company Wolf helps package free-flowing, bulk or pasty products for the food and non-food sectors into plastic-film bags. An all-in-one solution from SEW-EURODRIVE, consisting of control technology, software, inverters and drives, ensures the reliability of the process, which runs either continuously or intermittently.

The project at a glance

Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen logo
  • Customer: Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH
  • Location: Lich Birklar, near Giessen (Germany)
  • Sector: Mechanical engineering
  • Application: VPC FFS packaging machine

More information about Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen:

  • Owner-operated family enterprise
  • Number of employees: Around 150 worldwide
  • 1988: Founded by Günter Wolf in Lich Birklar
  • 2002: Opening of the first international sales office with spare parts warehouse in Malaysia
  • 2012/2013: Expansion of the home plant in Lich to around 3000 m2 of production and assembly space and expansion of production in China to approximately 2000 m2
Wolf: Vertical VPC FFS machine
Wolf: Vertical VPC FFS machine
Wolf: Vertical VPC FFS machine
  • Automation of the VPC FFS machine from a single source
  • Simplification of configuration and startup for the system
  • Reliable control of motion sequences in tough, real-time applications
  • Simplified programming of machine functions
Unrolling the white film with red SEW-EURODRIVE logo
Unrolling the film
Unrolling the film
  • MOVI-C® CONTROLLER power for controlling the motion profiles
  • CFast memory cards for quick access to the machine data
  • MOVISUITE® engineering software for simple configuration and startup
  • Parameterizable motion control with MOVIKIT®
  • MOVIDRIVE® modular multi-axis application inverters
  • Mechanical drive technology
  • HMI DOP operator panel
  • Peripheral products such as I/O modules
Transporting the white film with SEW-EURODRIVE logo
Film transportation
Film transportation
  • High-performance packaging machine and extremely fast data access
  • Processing centrally calculated machine axes in one millisecond
  • Fast implementation of complex functions by simple parameterization instead of programming
  • One contact person for complete automation of the packaging machine

Packaging processes implemented efficiently and intelligently

Sealing the white tubular bags with red SEW-EURODRIVE
Sealing the tubular bags

Particularly in food production, the requirements for packaging machines are growing ever more complex. This puts pressure on mechanical engineering companies to optimize their processing procedures accordingly and make them fit for the future on the one hand, while on the other hand, their customers are placing more and more value on sustainability, energy efficiency and the intelligent connection of their packaging systems to the production line.

These new customer requirements led Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH to use our MOVI-C® modular automation system to optimize vertical FFS machines and safeguard them for the future.

Quote by Günter Wolf, Managing Director of Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen

Not possible without SEW


The project in detail

Wolf has been using automation from SEW-EURODRIVE for many years

Unrolling a white film with red SEW-EURODRIVE logo
Unrolling the film

Food products such as powdered spices, baking mixtures, icing sugar, instant coffee and pudding powder, and non-food products such as washing powder, gypsum and grout all have one thing in common – they generally find their way into our homes packaged in plastic bags. However, how do all these products come to be in their packaging? Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH from Lich Birklar near Giessen in Germany has the answer. For over 30 years, its FFS machines for packaging in pillow, gusseted and stand-up bags have been providing efficient and cost-effective processing of a wide range of food and other products.

When it comes to drives and automation, this Hesse-based family-owned business with global operations has for decades relied on another company with a similar background – SEW-EURODRIVE. This was also the case for its fully automated, vertical VPC-type FFS machines that operate continuously or intermittently.

Automation with MOVI‑C® ensures perfect motion sequences

Red MOVI‑C® CONTROLLER against a light-gray concrete backdrop

Easily programmable control technology, rapid access to data, simple system engineering, fast startup and easier drive maintenance – with these requirements as a starting point, our developers used MAXOLUTION® machine automation to put together a perfectly coordinated system solution package made up of hardware and software drive engineering components.

The MOVI-C® CONTROLLER power forms the heart of the drive control system. The first advantage of this unit is its very compact, space-saving design. Its second, particular advantage is that it enables optimized motion sequences, even in tough, real-time applications. At the same time, this provides significantly quieter control response.

This high level of performance is further enhanced by the use of CFast memory cards in the packaging machine. These cards are capable of reading and processing data at extremely high speed. In addition, the MOVI-C® CONTROLLER power makes it possible to work through all centrally calculated machine axes within the space of a millisecond. This means users can always count on sufficient processing power even in the case of challenging packaging applications.

Configuration and startup made easy

Screen with MOVISUITE® engineering software
MOVISUITE® engineering software

The universal MOVISUITE®engineering platform from our MOVI-C® modular automation system makes the configuration and startup of a packaging machine considerably easier. It offers quick access to all necessary motion control functions from our comprehensive range of MOVIKIT®software modules. Thanks to standardized IEC 61131 programming,simple, fast parameter setting is all it takes. Time-consuming programming is a thing of the past.

Using MOVISUITE® as a graphic configuration and diagnostics tool thus makes it possible to implement even the more complex functions and motion profiles found in packaging technology in straightforward fashion. The MOVISUITE®software also makes maintaining and servicing the FFS machine considerably easier.

Electromechanical drive technology completes the automation

Red MOVIDRIVE® MOVI-C® application inverter against a light-gray concrete backdrop
MOVIDRIVE® application inverters

In addition to the software solutions and the control technology, SEW-EURODRIVE offers a comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of drives with axial and radial gear outputs and the MOVIDRIVE® modular multi-axis application inverter for complete automation of the FFS machine. The whole thing is rounded off with an HMI DOP operator panel and additional peripheral products such as I/O modules.


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