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Gantry robots are an efficient way to automate processes. They can also be used in a variety of ways. With suitable solutions, SEW-EURODRIVE contributes to moving gantry robots dynamically, efficiently and precisely – so that you can improve productivity in your production. Just like the customer below did.

The project at a glance

Customer: SMCore Inc.

Location: Seoul (South Korea)

Sector: Logistics / Automation Technology

Application: Gantry crane

SMCore Inc. (Smart Mechatronic Core) is a supplier of automation technology from South Korea with operations worldwide.

After successfully completing the first automated warehouse system in Korea in 1972, SMCore continued to develop innovative technology, offering various services and taking the lead in the logistics automation industry just a few years later.

SMCore has established successful references in India, China and North America, along with a competitive global network. With the formation of SK Group in 2017, SMCore became an intelligent factory specialist using the latest ICT technology.

Based on decades of experience, know-how and internal production facilities, SMCore has entered the semiconductor logistics business, which is part of the core business of the next generation, and is helping the SK Group streamline its production processes.

In order to meet the needs of customers in various industries and to respond to rapidly changing market trends, SMCore aims to play a leading role in the field of intelligent factory automation.

Project description

A gantry robot with high linear speed and acceleration while maintaining accurate positioning.
SMCore Gantry Crane for tire industry

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A gantry robot with high linear speed and acceleration while maintaining accurate positioning.

  • As part of this project, six such gantry robots were installed at an Asian tire manufacturer to automate its production.
  • The gantry robots are capable of picking car tires efficiently and reliably within a limited space and with a high throughput. They also require very little maintenance. Each robot picks tires with an individual weight of approx. 30 kg and places them in stacks of 4.

Customer requirements

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The customer required precise positioning, which we were able to achieve, as well as the high speeds and accelerations that were required:

Length, speed and acceleration:

  • X axis: 15 m, 3.5 m/s, 2.5 m/s2
  • Y axis: 12 m, 2.9 m/s, 3 m/s2
  • Z axis: 2.2 m, 1.63 m/s, 3.43 m/s2

Gripper speed and acceleration: 0.3 m/s, 0.75 m/s2

Complete solution from one supplier – from specification and project management to startup and training

Little wiring work and small installation depth thanks to the compact MOVIAXIS® axis system

Simple startup without the need for expert knowledge thanks to the scaled functionality of the MOVIAXIS® axis system: guided motor startup, integrated technology functions and simple connection to controllers

Enormous performance, great reliability and high flexibility thanks to the high operating speeds and efficiencies as well as the wear-free gearing and constantly low rotational clearance of the planetary servo gear units in direct motor mounting

Quick and professional project implementation thanks to experienced SEW-EURODRIVE experts on site

Kwang-taek Jung (Design Manager)

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Chung-hee Oh (Overseas Sales Manager)

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