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Kaliningrad: Drive solutions for hoists

Quality – a success criterion for Russian crane manufacturer Optim Kran. This is probably the reason why the international company has been using SEW-EURODRIVE's drive technology and crane service for years.

The project at a glance

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  • Customer: Optim Kran
  • Location: Svetly near Kaliningrad (Russia)
  • Sector: Crane construction
  • Application: Gantry cranes, container cranes, container bridges, single and two-beam cranes
Bridge crane
  • Partner for drive technology at an international standard
  • Technical and spatial proximity
  • International services
Hoist gear unit with cable drum
  • Broad portfolio optimally tuned and high-quality drive technology: from motors and gear units to frequency inverters, control technology and customer-specific software solutions
  • Close-knit network , consisting of seven technical offices and two assembly plants in Russia
  • Global service offering
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  • Successful introduction of the Optim cranes onto international markets
  • Reliable continuous operation
  • Special solutions for more efficient crane control

Sparks fly, blue-white weld-flashes sear through the hall, hoists are gradually constructed from steel parts weighing tons. A perfectly normal day in the assembly hall of Russian crane manufacturer Optim Kran. Between semi-finished hoists and heavy tools: Drive technology and freight boxes with the SEW-EURODRIVE lettering. The export-oriented crane manufacturer relies on components and international crane service from Bruchsal.

Impressions of the project

Alexander Lishakov, Commercial Manager at Optim Kran

Complete solutions for the drive automation

From the very outset, when we first started operations, we were on the look-out for a reliable main supplier who could fulfill our requirements in the field of crane construction. This was how we hit upon SEW-EURODRIVE.


Oleg Khoroshinin, Group Manager of Industrial Gear Units at SEW-EURODRIVE St. Petersburg

Good collaboration for years

We have been working together extremely well for more than ten years now. Optim Kran can rely on its drive supplier in every respect."


The project in detail

Aiming high – with drive technology from SEW‑EURODRIVE

"Always aim high" is the motto of the export-oriented Russian crane manufacturer Optim Kran. In the main plant near Kaliningrad alone more than 200 metal processing, electrical engineering and crane technology experts make this promise a reality. Optim's broad portfolio encompasses gantry cranes, container cranes, container bridges and other tailor-made solutions . For example, titanium single and double-girder overhead traveling cranes that span up to 50 meters and can carry loads of up to 500 tons. These heavyweights are used in production and logistics in many industries – for example in port and terminal operations and in the energy industry.

With these hard-core requirements, it's not surprising that meeting international quality standards is important to the crane manufacturer, especially with regard to the purchased drive technology. Optim's search for a suitable partner led to SEW-EURODRIVE . In addition to our broad portfolio of high-quality drive technology, we impressed the company with our comprehensive and international service range. Our customer-oriented branches in Russia finally won them over . The go-ahead for a long and successful partnership: Optim has introduced its crane solutions onto the markets in Russia, Siberia and the Far East, not least thanks to the support of SEW-EURODRIVE drive technology.

Software for a swing-free crane drive system

A prime example of successful international cooperation is a pioneering project in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Together with Optim Kran, AO SEW-EURODRIVE , our market organization in Russia, developed a special software solution for crane applications. The Bruchsal headquarters was also involved in and supported the development of the online operation. The solution: a special control system for the drive system that allows loads to be moved without swinging.

The solution essentially consists of a special motor speed controller. To this end, our motion controller MOVI-PLC ® experts created a travel profile that specifically controls the individual motors in the trolley and trolley chassis. The crane works in automatic and cycle mode without causing the load on the crane hook or grab to vibrate.

Another special feature: Crane operation can be tracked online. This is because the crane experts have equipped the controller with a network connection. As a result, all the parameters can be read regardless of location – for example, for remote diagnosis purposes.


We laid the foundation for our close partnerships with Optim Kran and other players on the Russian market as far back as 1993. . Back then, we founded our first branch on Russian soil, with others to follow. Today, SEW-EURODRIVE is one of the market leaders for drive and automation technology in Russia. Our partners particularly appreciate our physical proximity and the close-knit service and consulting network of our technical offices. In addition to the two assembly plants in Saint Petersburg and Khabarovsk, there are a total of seven technical offices throughout Russia. They are located in Moscow, Krasnodar, Togliatti, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk. From these hubs, our Russian colleagues support a large number of customers with drive and automation solutions. This is also the case in the region around Kaliningrad, where Optim Kran has its main factory.

Growing further with SEW-EURODRIVE

In recent years, Optim Kran has been able to steadily increase its turnover and production. Our robust drive solutions contributed to this by ensuring the continuous operation of the Optim hoists. They include motors and gear units, but also optimally-matched control technology and frequency inverters. The finishing touch is provided by customized software solutions, such as those used in Chelyabinsk.

Thanks to all these, Optim Kran is able not only to meet but also to exceed the requirements of its customers. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the crane manufacturer is optimistic about the future and wants to continue growing despite increasing competitive activity.

Therefore, the company is poised to move forward. Not least thanks to the support of our experts, Optim Kran has succeeded in entering the nuclear industry – a field in which just a few crane companies are able to hold their own. Another positive sign for Optim Kran's future is the successful entry of its container cranes onto the Russian market and in Asia.

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