NewCold: Energy storage units at cold storage facility

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NewCold leads the way in developing and running highly automated cold storage facilities. The company is the fastest growing expert for automated cold storage and stands out from conventional cold storage companies thanks to its top-class and energy-efficient systems.

The project at a glance

The new cold storage facility in Rennes, France
The new cold storage facility in Rennes, France
The new cold storage facility in Rennes, France

System operator NewCold:

  • The company has a global network including 11 sites on three continents. NewCold offers a total of more than 927,000 pallet spaces.
  • Headquarters: Breda, Netherlands
  • Sector: Service provider for cold storage logistics
  • Number of employees: 1200
  • Project location: Rennes, France
  • Application: Shuttles, storage/retrieval systems, pallet transfer shuttles, rail guided vehicle, hoists and conveyors

Integrator Ceratec Group:

  • This family-run company has more than 35 years of experience, operates in 27 countries on five continents and runs more than 20,000 m² of state-of-the-art workshops.
  • Headquarters: Ploegsteert, Belgium
  • Sector: automation, handling, intralogistics, electrical engineering, heavy clay solutions
  • Number of employees: 550
Shuttle with decentralized power supply
Shuttle with decentralized power supply
Shuttle with decentralized power supply
  • High grid quality and therefore no use of regenerative power supplies
  • No braking resistors, as their heat output would need to be offset in the cold storage facility
  • High degree of capacity utilization
  • Rapid return on investment
MOVIDRIVE® modular multi-axis inverter
MOVIDRIVE® modular multi-axis inverter
MOVIDRIVE® modular multi-axis inverter
  • All electrical engineering work was undertaken jointly by Ceratec and SEW‑EURODRIVE
  • The software was written on site and tested in SEW-EURODRIVE Belgium's Innovation Center
  • The hardware connections for all the control cabinets were signed off by SEW-EURODRIVE at Ceratec prior to startup
  • Close contact and open discussions were maintained with NewCold Engineering throughout the project
SEW-EURODRIVE Drive engineering
Numerous benefits thanks to top-class drive engineering
Numerous benefits thanks to top-class drive engineering
  • Rapid return on investment by downsizing the electrical installation – peak power per storage/retrieval system reduced by more than a factor of 5 (from 140 kW to 25 kW)
  • More operating time, as the diversity factor of the storage/retrieval systems has been increased to 100 %
  • High grid quality and an energy-saving solution thanks to internal energy recovery – energy is used where it is generated
  • Electrical braking prevents mechanical damage in the storage/retrieval system if there is a fault
  • Rope vibration when the shuttle is traveling in and out in the ASRS has been reduced to a minimum thanks to an improved connection on the distance encoder
  • Operational risks have been reduced in line with standards thanks to inverter safety technology that is fully integrated and can be managed via PROFIsafe
  • Fast startup thanks to both intensive preparations prior to order picking and the parameterizable MOVIKIT® software modules
  • Faster safety acceptance thanks to parameterizable safety option cards
  • Reduced qualification effort for maintenance due to identical device behavior within the MOVI-C® modular automation system

A company with extensive expertise

Inverter technology from SEW-EURODRIVE
Top-class inverter technology from SEW-EURODRIVE
Top-class inverter technology from SEW-EURODRIVE

NewCold boasts market-leading, in-house expertise in the design, engineering, development and operation of cutting-edge automated cold storage facilities. This know-how comes from the successful development and operation of more than 20 automated storage facilities over the last 18 years. The implementation expertise offered by NewCold covers training, maintenance, operational support and planning. On-site integration work gets underway in plenty of time before the storage facility goes live. NewCold aims to offer leading food companies the best possible logistics experience for the cold chain.

Patrick de Breet (NewCold, Senior Project Manager)

The project in Rennes was a very special job for NewCold. It was the first time we had worked with energy storage units in storage/retrieval systems. Working with SEW-EURODRIVE, we implemented a solution for reducing peak power from the grid, which means that much smaller components can be used in the power infeed. The challenge was integrating the energy storage units into the storage and retrieval systems, but the outstanding cooperation between NewCold, Ceratec and SEW-EURODRIVE made that possible.

The project in detail

Storage and retrieval systems with shuttle

SEW image

Storage/retrieval system:

  • parameterizable MOVI-C® CONTROLLER progressive UHX65A
  • MOVIKIT®StackerCrane and MultiAxisController software modules for optimized control of the storage/retrieval system and PowerMode for managing the storage capacitors
  • Tried-and-tested gearmotors with 7-series gear units and DR.. motors


  • parameterizable MOVI-C® CONTROLLER standard UHX25
  • Power supply MOVI‑DPS® for intelligent power and energy management in mobile applications
  • Dynamic servo gearmotors with planetary gear units

Rail guided vehicle

Pallet transfer shuttle



SEW image

MOVIMOT® advanced with an integrated, decentralized frequency inverter offers full flexibility for your application – an all-rounder for use in numerous smart logistics applications.

  • The standard solution for all materials handling applications
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, from speed control to positioning
  • Inverter integration minimizes assembly work
  • High-performance connection to all standard communication systems
  • Diverse gear unit combinations for customized adaptation

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