Decentralized drive solution for tire conveying systems

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Reducing complexity and boosting energy efficiency

Thanks to decentralized drive technology – gearmotors with an integrated MOVIMOT® inverter – MOVAÇO has significantly cut the cabling and installation workload in its complex conveying system for car tires while also increasing energy efficiency.

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Where: Castelo Branco (Portugal)

Sector: Plant engineering

Application: Tire conveying system

Number of employees: 60

Founded: 1988

  • Broad range of expertise on the market for glass, rubber, basic raw materials and other products where automation and robotics play a key role
  • Design and planning office with 12 engineers
  • Plant area: 2000 square meters
Conveying system for car tires
Conveying system for car tires
  • Conveying horizontally and at an angle for up to 30 meters
  • Reliable and energy-efficient solution
  • Easy installation and maintenance
MOVIMOT® gearmotor and Profinet module
MOVIMOT® gearmotor and Profinet module
  • 195 gearmotors with integrated MOVIMOT® inverter and IE3 DRN.. AC motor
  • Field distributor with PROFINET® and EtherCAT® communication
  • Prefabricated hybrid cables (communication and power in a single cable)
Tire conveying system over multiple levels
Tire conveying system over multiple levels
  • Straightforward installation, wiring and maintenance thanks to decentralized drive concept
  • Enhanced energy efficiency by using IE3 AC motors with integrated electronics
  • Easy fault detection by the customer
Mr. Ramiro Lopes, project manager at MOVAÇO

"The reliability and high quality of SEW-EURODRIVE products ensure our applications run smoothly."

MOVAÇO and SEW‑EURODRIVE - the ideal partners

MOVAÇO and SEW‑EURODRIVE - the ideal partners

The Portuguese plant engineering company MOVAÇO has been working in a close and successful partnership with SEW‑EURODRIVE Portugal since 1996. The systems for conveying tires were added in 2009 and are also equipped with our drive technology. More than our high-quality, robust and reliable drive components, the successful collaboration across the decades is based on the common ground that unites the two companies. Both partners

  • see themselves as problem solvers and solution providers and not solely as component manufacturers and component suppliers
  • offer state-of-the-art automation solutions
  • are close to customers and provide support using their technical expertise
  • attach great importance to responding to and answering customer queries rapidly
  • have specialist experts with many years of experience to provide advice
  • offer customer-oriented and, if required, turnkey solutions for new systems, as well as for upgrading existing ones
  • provide their own teams with continuous training to ensure assembly and maintenance services have a high technical standard
  • prioritize safety
  • set great store by effective and efficient processes
  • and a whole lot more.

Decentralized drive technology saves energy

Decentralized drive technology saves energy

Energy and cost savings were a key factor in this conveying system project in the beautiful city of Castelo Branco in eastern Portugal. The decision was therefore made to exclusively use decentralized drive technology. In the complex facility, car tires are carried on horizontal and slanted conveyors between 1.5 and 30 meters long, with production operations on multiple levels. Transverse Roller Top (TRT) plastic belt conveyors are provided to output tires sideways, while roller conveyors gather them together.

The company opted here for our MOVIMOT® gearmotors. In total, 195 of these decentralized drives, which provide an ingenious and space-saving way of combining gearmotors and digital frequency inverters, are installed in the tire handling system, which has a complex structure and runs over several levels.

As there are no control cabinets, the cabling work has been reduced dramatically, thus making the installation much quicker and easier. The integrated DRN.. series IE3 AC motors deliver the desired energy efficiency.

Prefabricated hybrid cables (communication and power in a single cable), a field distributor and intelligent communication via PROFINET® and EtherCAT® modules complete this customer-specific drive solution.

On the basis of this successful collaboration, MOVAÇO is currently evaluating the use of additional decentralized SEW drive solutions, such as MOVIGEAR®, in conveying systems so as to achieve even greater energy savings in the future.


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