New electrified monorail system for cab conveyors in John Deere tractor assembly plant

  • Electrified monorail system with a yellow lift frame transports the green driver's cabs

    Safety is paramount

    John Deere brings its cab conveyors up to date in no time with new EMS safety electrified monorail systems.

State-of-the-art safety technology ensures safety of John Deere employees when working under suspended loads

The conveying system for driver's cabs in the Mannheim-based tractor plant belonging to agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere had definitely seen better days so there was only one thing for it: The old system needed to be replaced as quickly as possible. Following a retrofit with the electrified monorail system from the MAXOLUTION® EMS safety solution, the cab conveyor at John Deere is now equipped with the latest technology that the market has to offer, including the drives, electronics and safety technology.

The project at a glance

John Deere GmbH & Co. KG

John Deere company logo
  • Location: Mannheim (Germany)
  • Industry: Manufacture of agricultural machinery
  • Application: Conveying system for driver's cabs in the tractor assembly plant

More information about John Deere:

Green tractors in rank and file in front of the factory workshop
  • Founded in 1838 in Grand Detour, Illinois (USA)
  • Company founder, John Deere, begins manufacturing plows from highly polished steel
  • In 1948, the company relocates to Moline, Illinois (USA)
  • In 1959, John Deere acquires the German agricultural machinery maker Heinrich Lanz GmbH and opens the Mannheim site
  • Mannheim is the second largest John Deere plant in the world and the largest manufacturing facility outside the US
  • Over 60 000 employees worldwide (2017)

Safety first

Completed green John Deere tractors in the factory building
All set: John Deere tractors ready for the field
  • Retrofit in tractor production plant with new conveying system for driver's cabs
  • Upkeep of three-minute production cycle at John Deere
  • Simple plant engineering
  • Preservation of the existing rail system
  • Full conversion of the tractor assembly within two weeks
  • Complete replacement of the electronics
  • Safe transportation of the driver's cabs from the point of delivery to the assembly yard
  • Safe working under the suspended cab
  • Reliable and safe lifting and lowering
  • The security technology in the assembly plant needed updating
  • High quality technology and service
  • Rapid availability of spare parts
  • Permanent system monitoring and diagnostics

Everything from a single source

Yellow structure of the electrified monorail system with drive technology
Electrified monorail system with drive and safety technology

Virtually the entire portfolio of the MAXOLUTION® program was used to update the cab conveying system at John Deere: From the gearmotors and near-field inverter and control technology, right though to the safety technology, everything was supplied by SEW‑EURODRIVE:

  • Seven electrified monorail systems using the MAXOLUTION® system solution EMS safety
  • Near-field drive technology that takes up little space and is vibration-resistant
  • Helical-bevel gearmotors with special coupling in the gear unit output stage, tailored to the conveying speed and bearing load of the cabs
  • Multi-redundant safety systems to protect people working under the suspended loads
  • High-performance MOVISAFE® type PFF-HM31 safety control enables position-dependent speed and communication
  • One decentralized MOVIPRO® drive, positioning and vehicle controller each to control two 5.5 kW gearmotors (lifting drives) as a group drive with 11 kW
  • MOVIFIT® controller to supply the 0.55 kW drive motor
  • MOVIVISION® plant software for simple engineering, virtual startup, permanent monitoring and diagnostics including condition monitoring during production

Full retrofit to guarantee safety completed in just two weeks

Tractor assembly at John Deere: hard at work beneath the suspended driver's cab
Safe tractor assembly under a suspended load
  • Complete conversion of the system in just two weeks (vacation close-down at John Deere over Christmas/New Year 2016/2017)
  • Virtual startup simulated in advance considerably reduces the time needed for actual startup
  • Retrofit of the cab conveyor: now absolute state of the art thanks to new MAXOLUTION® EMS safety electrified monorail system
  • Comprehensive drive solution for John Deere from a single source
  • Electrified monorail system complies with all technical safety aspects:
    • Safe transportation of the driver's cabs from the point of delivery to the assembly site
    • Secure lifting and lowering of the driver's cabs
    • Safe working under the suspended load
  • High degree of satisfaction with service and consulting
  • With its dense network of service locations, SEW‑EURODRIVE is always close at hand for the agricultural manufacturer
  • Reliable condition monitoring during the assembly process
  • High degree of flexibility: The system can be easily retrofitted or upgraded
  • Quick flow of materials
  • Increased capacity: Instead of the previous 25 000 tractors, over 45 000 vehicles can now be manufactured in times of heavy demand

John Deere cab conveyor ensures maximum safety

Today, the automation of storage/retrieval systems is an integral part of efficient intralogistics.
Storage / retrieval systems

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Today, the automation of storage/retrieval systems is an integral part of efficient intralogistics.

Video: Application at John Deere in Mannheim

How do you transport, lift and lower driver's cabs that weigh up to 850 kg when assembling tractors? How do you ensure the safety of people who have to work beneath such suspended loads? How do you bring a cab conveyor – a challenging piece of equipment in terms of its safety technology – up to date in the minimum time frame?

Watch our video to find out the answers to all these questions and many more. See for yourself how a powerful tractor is produced at the agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere in Mannheim using drive technology from SEW‑EURODRIVE. And gain interesting insights into the benefits of our MAXOLUTION® system solution EMS safety, an electrified monorail system equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology.

Quote from Hans Ziegler, project manager at John Deere

Our cooperation with SEW‑EURODRIVE is excellent, as is the service we receive.


Quote from Bernhard Pehlegrim, project manager at SEW‑EURODRIVE

"Our MAXOLUTION® EMS safety solution provides the drive technology, control technology and the components of the safety system, including sensor technology."


Impressions from the project

The project in detail

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