Ice cream machines stir perfectly with intelligent mechatronic drive technology

  • White ice cream cup with cream-colored and red ice cream

    Saving wisely

    High-quality ingredients and state-of-the-art technology make for gourmet ice cream. How convenient that MOVIGEAR® reduces energy consumption by 20%.

  • Bright and clean counter with shining stainless steel ice cream containers, an employee takes out ice cream

    3 ice cream machines with 2 containers each: glossy "twelve-cylinder engine"

    … perfectly driven by 12 MOVIGEAR®: This is how Maestro Ballabeni composes delicious ice cream flavors again and again.

  • Drawing with view into the ice cream machine: four red drives below the agitator

    It's quite tight here

    … but no problem with MOVIGEAR®. Low-noise, space-saving, highly efficient, installed quickly: Under these circumstances, one can confidently concentrate on creating new ice cream flavors.

Each type of ice cream is different in terms of consistency. Sorbet contains mostly water. Milk-based ice cream is a creamy mixture of milk, water and eggs. This makes agitator drives with large speed ranges extremely important for ice cream machines. Depending on the consistency, each ice cream flavor needs its own stirring modus. Speed-controlled, naturally. We have compiled the perfect solution with MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drives and a MOVI-PLC® controller.

The project at a glance

Ballabeni Icecream workshop in Munich.
View from outside to the Ballabeni ice cream workshop entrance, Munich
  • Customer: Ballabeni Icecream
  • System manufacturer: Carpigiani-ALI S.p.A.
  • City: Munich (Germany)
  • Industry: Food industry
  • Application: Ice cream machine in the "transparent production"

Premium ice cream, but not premium prices

Ballabeni ice cream workshop interior view with modern and clean equipment

In the spirit of "transparent production", Giorgio Ballabeni and his son Alberto give customers direct insight into the secrets behind the art of making ice cream. The first step is to use the best ingredients. Not an easy task in terms of calculation as the premium ice cream is not to be sold at a premium price, but at a reasonable one.

To keep the quality up and the costs down, several things have to be observed in terms of the system:

  • In addition to the temperature profile, the speed control is of utmost importance. If the beater runs too slowly, large ice crystals will form and make the finished product gritty. If the machine is too fast, the ice-cream does not get cold enough.
  • At the same time, sensors have to reliably identify the ice cream becoming more solid
  • The drive power has to continuously adjust accordingly
  • The drive technology has to be as energy-efficient as possible, to conserve resources and the environment
  • The drives must not be heard in the showcase factory
  • As space is limited below the ice cream containers, space-saving and flexible drives are required

Mechatronic drives and precise motion control

Drawing with view into the ice cream machine: four red drives below the agitator

3 ice cream machines, 12 times mechatronic drive technology:

  • In each machine, 4 MOVIGEAR® MGFAS2 mechatronic drive units drive the agitators of the 4 containers via toothed belts.
  • In each machine, one MOVI-PLC® advanced DHR41B controller
  • Sensors measuring the increasing resistance of the stirring blades when the ice cream becomes more solid
Georgio Ballabeni, Ballabeni Icecream's senior boss tastes ice cream from an ice cream cup in his ice cream factory
Ice cream manufacturer Ballabeni uses high-quality ingredients and state-of-the-art technology

The drive engineering from Bruchsal installed behind the scenes helps to transform this ice-cream counter into an elegant, compact and energy-efficient high-end system that is ideal for innovative catering concepts:

  • Space saved due to compact drives
  • Reduced installation effort due to easy and quick installation
  • Reduced operating noise due to the fan-free design – ideal for use in public spaces
  • Depending on the consistency, the beater runs neither too fast nor too slow, thanks to the large speed range of MOVIGEAR® and the continuous adaptation of the rotational speed by the controller
  • Everything is clean as the gear unit, motor and electronics are all enclosed within a single housing and thus ideal for food production. Available in hygienic design as an option
  • Extremely low energy consumption thanks to energy efficiency class IE4 allows to spend more on the best ice cream ingredients
  • Reduced connected load due to the high overload capacity of the integrated motor
  • The ice cream always has the desired creaminess as the controller can be programmed specifically for each customer.
  • It is also possible to carry out remote maintenance and diagnostics via the Internet

Georgio Ballabeni, senior boss of Ballabeni Icecream, is "on the quest for the world’s best ice-cream"

We never wanted to settle for the compromise and only sell it if we like the taste ourselves.


The project in detail

Ideatre ice cream machine from Carpigiani: driven by four MOVIGEAR®, controlled by one MOVI-PLC®
Video: One MOVIGEAR® per container, MOVI-PLC® controls the rotational speed

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate-ginger, caffè latte or pistachio-mint? Or rather a sorbet with an illustrious name such as lemon-basil, pear-pineapple or plum cake-style?

You can probably hardly decide. In addition to creative ice cream combinations for a distinctive taste, sophisticated customer-specific drive technology makes for the sought-after creamy consistency for each type of ice cream in Giorgio Ballabeni's Munich-based ice cream factory.

At the same time, the Gelato master is also committed to environmental protection. His ice cream comes in compostable paper cups with small plastic spoons of the same kind. It goes without saying that it is important for him that the equipment in his workshop and the ice cream machines are as energy-efficient as possible.

Thanks to our MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive systems and the MOVI-PLC® advanced motion and logic controller,the different kinds of ice cream are always stirred perfectly and turn out deliciously creamy at the end. And all of this with an extremely low energy consumption thanks to the highly efficient drive technology.

Everything is perfectly integrated into the three ice cream machines with four containers each of type "Ideatre" made by Carpigiani. These 12 multi-functional containers – Ballabeni affectionately calls them "My twelve-cylinder engine" – are computer-controlled for cooling, heating and stirring. About 90 tons of energy-efficiently produced scoops of ice cream per year delight the enthusiastic customers.

Ballabeni ice cream workshop

Ballabeni Icecream – "Proudly handmade in Munich"

About twelve years ago, gastronome Giorgio Ballabeni from Padua launched his ice cream business - following the basic principles of gourmet cuisine.

Handmade ice cream

Ice cream machine manufacturer Carpigiani

In 1945, brothers Bruto and Poerio Carpigiani opened their small business in Bologna and nowadays Carpigiani-ALI S.p.A. supplies customers in more than 100 countries. According to their own statement, the ice cream machine manufacturer is the market leader in the field of mechanical engineering for artisan ice cream production. Furthermore, the company operates the "Gelato University" to offer comprehensive training to new ice-cream makers.


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