Hugo Beck: Horizontal form, fill, and seal machine fully automated with SEW-EURODRIVE

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100% automation implemented sustainably

Users of state-of-the-art packaging machines need technical solutions that are both efficient and sustainable. That is why packaging machinery manufacturer HUGO BECK wanted to replace all the pneumatic systems in its "flowpack X" horizontal form, fill, and seal machine with electromechanical drive technology. Thanks to StarterSET 616 and comprehensive extensions including intelligent energy management from SEW-EURODRIVE, it was possible to reduce overall energy consumption by 23%.

The project at a glance

Hugo Beck logo

Hugo Beck Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG:

  • Headquarters: Dettingen/Erms, Germany
  • Sector: Packaging industry
  • Number of employees: 110
  • Founded: 1955
  • Application in the project: flowpack X horizontal FFS machine
Paper unwinder
Paper unwinder
Paper unwinder
  • Packaging technology that is more sustainable
  • Modular and hybrid flowpack solution that doesn't use compressed air
  • Early warning for failure
  • Energy management
  • Packaging in paper-based materials and in air-tight film packaging
Our solution in the control cabinet
Our solution in the control cabinet
Our solution in the control cabinet
  • StarterSET 616 for HFFS including MOVIKIT® Bundle FFS
  • PES intelligent energy management system
  • Stepper technology including I/O System
  • HMI visualization (operator panel)
  • MBM model-based monitoring, parameter monitor
  • Digital twin for process monitoring
  • Servo technology (servomotors, servo gear units)
  • Recipe management
  • Integrated safety and sensor technology (STO, SLS)
  • Sensor technology for print mark detection
flowpack X without pneumatics
flowpack X without pneumatics
flowpack X without pneumatics
  • Development and startup time cut
    by 2 months thanks to pre-selected basic package
  • Bridging of voltage dips
    for up to 9.5 seconds without line voltage
  • Controlled cycle stop in case of power loss,
    thanks to Power and Energy Solutions
  • Reduction in connected load
    from 32 A to 16 A
  • Reduction in overall energy consumption
    by 23%
  • Compressed-air-free operation
    thanks to stepper technology including I/O System
  • Integrated temperature control

"Everything from a single source, short distances, and on-site support are clear advantages."

Timo Kollmann, managing director at Hugo Beck Maschinenbau

Timo Kollmann, managing director at Hugo Beck Maschinenbau

"Short distances and on-site support are clear advantages. After all, despite the considerable reconfigurations, we've been able to reduce the development times for our new and 100% sustainable flowpack X packaging machine. We're already looking forward to upcoming projects with SEW‑EURODRIVE."

Jack Soreck, field sales engineer at SEW-EURODRIVE

Jack Soreck, field sales engineer at SEW-EURODRIVE

"I'm proud we were able to both provide and utilize all the components for fully automating this sophisticated packaging machine – and all from a single source."

From zero to one hundred – 100% automation from a single source and without any pneumatics

The "flowpack X" horizontal form, fill, and seal machine is set to get more sustainable

Paper bags unwinding in a 100% sustainable packaging machine
Flowpack X horizontal FFS machine
Flowpack X horizontal FFS machine

Hugo Beck Maschinenbau, plant engineering specialist for packaging technology, is constantly working to enhance its products with a view to making packaging technology more sustainable. It was therefore looking to utilize SEW-EURODRIVE technology to replace the pneumatic technology used in its flowpack X horizontal form, fill, and seal machine with electrical actuators. An early warning system for system failures and intelligent energy management were also to be implemented. The ultimate aim was to ensure the packaging machine could be used as a compressed-air-free, modular, and hybrid flowpack solution for both paper-based and film packaging.

Automation from a single source

SEW‑EURODRIVE solution in the control cabinet

The horizontal FFS machine, which had previously been run on compressed air, was automated using the "StarterSET 616" basic package from SEW‑EURODRIVE, along with comprehensive extensions such as Power and Energy Solutions and safety technology. As a result, it was possible to completely replace the pneumatic systems of the flowpack X with electrical actuators and extend the machine with intelligent energy management. The result is a 100% sustainable machine with extremely low energy consumption. Perfectly coordinated software and hardware packages make the StarterSET a fully comprehensive automation solution.

Saving energy, time, and costs the smart way

Power and Energy Solutions with MOVIDRIVE® modular application inverter
Power and Energy Solutions with MOVIDRIVE® modular application inverter

Intelligent energy management

Combined with the MOVIKIT® software modules from SEW-EURODRIVE, the new energy storage system makes intelligent energy management possible. This makes the power supply more stable and helps bridge brief voltage dips. Peak loads are also reduced. One particular advantage is that the horizontal FFS machine is brought to a controlled stop in the case of longer power outages. As a result, the flowpack X can still be used when the local power grid is instable or even when a power outage is expected. Reducing peak loads also has another benefit, as the developers were thus able to significantly reduce the cross section of the power cable compared to the previous model. The machine's connected load and overall energy consumption have also dropped considerably.

Stepper motors
Stepper technology (stepper motors) including I/O system instead of pneumatics

Electrical actuators take the place of pneumatics

Previously, motions such as cutting and clamping in the flowpack X packaging machine were implemented conventionally, using compressed air. However, stepper motors are now used for these purposes, and are controlled with the new bus terminal from the I/O system portfolio supplied by SEW-EURODRIVE. There is therefore absolutely no need for pneumatics. Replacing the actuators that were operated by compressed air also eliminates the associated maintenance requirements. The horizontal FFS machine from Hugo Beck is now easier to integrate into the production environment and offers more flexibility in this regard, too. Furthermore, energy costs are lower with this model.

Development and startup times cut

The key to speeding up development was to use a StarterSET, which is a fully and perfectly coordinated basic package of software and hardware "made by SEW-EURODRIVE". Despite the extensive reconfigurations, the development and startup times for the packaging machine were reduced by two months, taking them down to the absolute minimum.

Our products and solutions at a glance

Horizontal FFS machine topology

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