Machine automation at Haloila

  • Octopus packaging machine from Haloila

    With our system solutions, the Octopus covers pallets in plastic wrap in just seconds.

The Finnish packaging machine manufacturer Haloila has been relying on our motors and decentralized frequency inverters for many years. For some time now, Haloila has also been implementing full automation of its Octopus machines with our system solutions.

Consistent, decentralized automation solutions from our modular system

Octopus packaging machines from Haloila cover pallets in plastic wrap in just seconds. Haloila has sold thousands of these pallet wrappers in more than 100 countries since 1983, thanks in no small part to SEW-EURODRIVE's technology. The Finnish company has been dedicated to innovative research and development work for over 40 years. Haloila is a member of the "Signode Industrial Group," one of the world's largest providers of packaging, consumables, machines and devices for industrial packaging.

At the beginning of our collaboration, Haloila "only" used our motors and decentralized frequency inverters. A consistent, decentralized automation solution from our modular system now handles all control tasks for the Octopus machines. Successful automation of processes requires optimally coordinated component parts. For the Octopus machines, this means SEW-EURODRIVE-control with MultiMotion, which delivers motion and logic control, machine logic and control of the entire machine. The DRC.. electronic motor also comes from our modular system.

With these modular components and a single source for hardware and software, the company can achieve both startup within just a few hours and simpler machine operation. This allows Haloila to respond to individual customer requests faster. In addition, the installation structure was changed so that all motors are now installed close to the floor. This allows for reliable production and employees can easily repair the Octopus machines in just a few steps.

Thanks to open interfaces like PROFINET, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP and Ethernet TCP/IP, control with MultiMotion allows integration into all common process control systems worldwide. We also managed to reduce the energy and manufacturing costs with optimized automation of the packaging machines – all with significantly improved process sequences.

With SEW-EURODRIVE, Haloila has a reliable, expert partner, supplier and service provider – a real win-win situation for both companies.

Fast startup and simple machine operation

Customer requirement

The company needed fast startup and simple operation of the machines in order to quickly implement individual requests from its customers. Very reliable processes and easy maintenance of the Octopus were also required. Naturally, the machines also needed to be equipped for worldwide use.

Our solution

Modular components and system solutions from a single source ensure quick and easy startup. The changed design in which all the motors are installed close to the floor makes maintenance even easier. And thanks to the open interfaces, this solution can be integrated into every common process control system worldwide.

Quotes from Jyri Lehtiö, Sales Manager at Haloila / Janne Koskela, Manager Technology & Engineering at Haloila

Quote from Jyri Lehtiö, Sales Manager at Haloila

Thanks to these technologies, we were able to generate a whole new kind of customer experience...

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Case study – Octopus packaging machines from Haloila, Finland
Integrated machine automation

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Case study – Octopus packaging machines from Haloila, Finland

Integrated machine automation

The Finnish packaging machine manufacturer implemented full machine automation with a system solution from SEW-EURODRIVE.


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