Gloning Krantechnik: Compact planetary gear units for hoists

  • Yellow crane from Gloning in production hall

Lightweight crane trolley, intelligent control

Specialist cranes from Gloning Krantechnik are used throughout Europe, with SEW‑EURODRIVE drive technology always on board. From the planetary gear unit in the hoist of the crane trolley, all the way to the software, the crane manufacturer puts its faith in solutions from Bruchsal.

The project at a glance

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  • Customer: Gloning Krantechnik GmbH
  • Location: Stödtlen, Germany
  • Sector: Crane and steel construction
  • Application: Hoist drive

Further information about Gloning Krantechnik GmbH:

  • 1983: Founded as a service and maintenance provider for crane systems
  • 2000: Start of production of own standard crane systems
  • 2008: Greater focus on the specialist cranes segment
  • Employees: 70 crane construction specialists
Drawing: Bridge crane trolley with two hoist drives
Bridge crane trolley with two hoist drives
  • Reliable drive solutions for crane hoist
  • High power density of installed drives
  • Individual control to customer specifications
  • Comprehensive international support
Hoist with gray planetary gearmotor
Hoist with planetary gearmotor
  • Compact and lightweight planetary gear units from the P.002 to P.032 series with a defined service life and nominal torques of 25 to 87 kNm
  • Each with upstream helical-bevel gearmotor
  • Control of all crane functions with MOVI‑PLC ® advanced DHE41B motion controller
  • Customized programming support from Electronics Service
  • Rapid response and comprehensive service
Drawing: Trolley drive with two hoists, powered by planetary gear units
Trolley drive with two hoists
  • All drive technology with reduced interfaces from a single source
  • Access to a wide-ranging portfolio of solutions for every application, consisting of motors, gear units, and inverter and control technology.
  • Reduced total mass of crane system thanks to use of compact planetary gear units and their design with a defined service life
  • Increased efficiency thanks to specially adapted control software

Quote: Josef Gloning Jr., Managing Director of Gloning Krantechnik GmbH

SEW‑EURODRIVE is a real blessing

SEW doesn't just offer us a broad-based product range, extending from gear units and motors to inverter and control technology, but also...


Quote from Stephan Schmitt, SEW‑EURODRIVE, head of Drive Center Ulm

Our wide-ranging portfolio covers all the drive functions of Gloning cranes

A crane is always the sum of its parts – which is why Gloning has used the robust drive technology and end-to-end service from SEW‑EURODRIVE throughout for many years...


The project in detail

Product quality plus service strength: Combined solution for crane technology

Yellow Gloning bridge crane with two hoists
Gloning bridge crane with two hoists
Gloning bridge crane with two hoists

Stödtlen is a seemingly unremarkable municipality with a population of 1800 in the Ostalbkreis district of Baden-Württemberg. Yet first impressions can be deceptive. It is the base of one of Europe's leading specialist crane suppliers – Gloning Krantechnik GmbH. The sophisticated crane systems from Gloning are used in the production halls of a whole range of industries. Examples include aerospace engineering, mechanical and plant engineering, logistics and renewable energies.

Crane technology plays a key role in customers' production processes. There is more than heavy loads hanging on the crane hook – a large part of the production success does, too. This is why customers are so demanding in terms of quality and performance. The quality of the individual components is key to overall quality – one of the reasons why Gloning uses system components and service from SEW‑EURODRIVE for all its drive technology needs.

Gloning utilizes our wide-ranging portfolio to cover all the drive functions of its systems – from hoists to travel applications, and including frequency inverters and controllers. The export-oriented SME with operations throughout Europe also values our international service portfolio. The programming services of our Electronics Service is a real ace up the sleeve for Gloning.

P series planetary gear units save space and weight

Red planetary gear unit against a gray concrete backdrop
P series industrial planetary gear units for heavy loads
P series industrial planetary gear units for heavy loads

Gloning uses one product category on a particularly frequent basis – compact P series planetary gear units. Distributing the load across multiple planet gears makes it possible to transfer high torques in a comparatively small installation space . Planetary gear units are only about half the weight and volume of helical or helical-bevel gear units. The mass of a helical or helical-bevel gear unit for a crane with a load-bearing capacity of 22 metric tons is around 2.5 metric tons, for example. By contrast, a comparable planetary gear unit weighs just 1.5 metric tons.

This difference has a major impact, particularly in the hoists of cranes that are directly connected to the production hall. Examples in this category include traveling, overhead and bracket cranes. This is the location of the hoist in the trolley that is responsible for transporting loads horizontally. The lighter the gear unit, the lighter the trolley, which, in turn, has an impact on the box girder. The box girder does not need to be as sturdy to carry the trolley as it moves through the hall. The overall mass of the crane system is therefore lower, lessening the strain on the supporting and hall structures.

Equally important is the lower volume, as the compact planetary gear units enable Gloning cranes to use all the space available in the hall. This is particularly important for industries and applications where literally every centimeter of a hall's floor and ceiling counts, such as in the steel trade.

Another special feature: When calculating torque, we can work with a defined service life as well as fatigue strength. . That means the gear units are designed from the outset for a specific total number of operating hours – a standard procedure in crane construction. As a result, the gear units can be run with a torque that is up to 25 percent higher. Gloning is harnessing this benefit and using planetary gear units in smaller sizes. This reduces the weight and procurement costs even further.

Customized software from Bruchsal optimizes applications

Screen with MOVI‑PLC® software interface
MOVI‑PLC® advanced DHE41 controls the crane functions
MOVI‑PLC® advanced DHE41 controls the crane functions

As digitalization progresses, crane systems are becoming increasingly intelligent. The importance of software and control programs is therefore growing. Standard applications, such as lifting and traveling, are already included in our inverters' scope of delivery.

In contrast, more advanced applications require customized programming, which is why Gloning is keen to make use of the experts from our Electronics Service. Where necessary, our engineers carry out fine-tuning on site and perform startup.

Our service engineers often optimize the software under real conditions. One typical example is synchronization functions. These enable crane systems to move inclined loads with minimal demands on time. If such a load is attached to a crane, one or more hooks are lower than the others. The automated synchronization function controls each hoist individually and balances out the differences. Normally, operators would have to wait until the load is horizontal. However, thanks to synchronization, they can continue moving while the hooks are still moving automatically to the end height.

What's more, the specially written programs are the property of our customers, representing special added value for Gloning GmbH, which can rely on the technology, service and software from SEW‑EURODRIVE at all times.


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