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Full integration of Online Support

At AAH Apparatebau A. Hofheinz GmbH in Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany, Online Support from SEW-EURODRIVE helps to dramatically reduce the workload. AAH Managing Director, Ralf Stuppert, is particularly enthusiastic about using the variant management function.

The project at a glance

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  • Customer: AAH Apparatebau A. Hofheinz GmbH
  • Location: Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen near Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Industry: Mechanical engineering
  • Application: Pumps and agitators for the chemical industry and for electroplating and process engineering
AAH location in Eggenstein-Leopoldhafen
AAH location in Eggenstein-Leopoldhafen

Further information on AAH:

  • 2000: Founded by Arnold Hofheinz as a sole proprietorship in Karlsruhe-Durlach
  • 2018: Relocation to Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
  • 8 employees
Ralf Stuppert wants to be able to respond to customer wishes quickly
Ralf Stuppert (AAH) wants to be able to respond to customer wishes quickly

For AAH, quick response times and rapid offer and order processing give them a significant advantage over the competition. The requirements for suppliers therefore include the following:

  • A simple and quick handling process with SEW-EURODRIVE
  • Short delivery times
  • Sensible pricing
  • Transparent purchasing
  • No long searches for product information
Online Support homepage
Online Support covers the entire product cycle

The customer platform Online Support, which is integrated into the SEW-EURODRIVE website, supports the customer throughout the entire life cycle of its products. Many areas are open and accessible to the user without any registration. Only the areas that contain customer-sensitive data have restricted access.

A number of helpful functions – that is particularly comprehensive compared to the rest of the market – provide support for customer processes:

  • Drive selection, the product configurator, and selection guides for safety technology and energy-efficient drives make engineering much easier
  • Variant management for the selection of products within already ordered products
  • Shopping cart with a net price display for easy ordering and requests
  • Selection of spare parts and a quick Pick-Up and Delivery Service
  • Troubleshooting for simple elimination of faults
  • Extensive data and document area for downloading CAD data, technical product data, documentation, and software
Variant management
Variant management with extensive filter and comparison options

Advantages of the variant management:

  • Fast product selection from items you have already inquired about or ordered
  • Detailed overview thanks to the listing of deployed drive technology
  • Targeted selection process helps to reduce new product variance
  • Reduction of high administrative effort for large material masters
Ralf Stuppert now orders all SEW-EURODRIVE products only from Online Support
Ralf Stuppert orders all SEW-EURODRIVE products only from Online Support

Online Support and the variant management in particular make work a great deal easier for AAH:

  • Simple input of the necessary nominal power and revolutions of an agitator
  • Insight into and comparison with other products previously ordered or requested from SEW-EURODRIVE
  • Extensive filter and comparison options help the user to find the right product quickly and easily
  • The relevant data sheet for the selected drive is immediately available in the shopping cart, as well as the customer-specific net price
  • If the end customer has already ordered from AAH in the past, ordering with SEW-EURODRIVE can often be completed in less than a minute
  • Simple and transparent ordering processes
  • Rapid response times on the part of SEW-EURODRIVE with regard to the order confirmation

Quotation of Ralf Stuppert, Managing Director of AAH Apparatebau A. Hofheinz GmbH

I order all the SEW-EURODRIVE products via Online Support

In Online Support, I mainly use the variant management function. That makes my work much, much easier.


The project in detail

Small company with great aspirations

Managing Director Mr Stuppert is an expert in pumps and agitators
Managing Director Mr Stuppert is an expert in pumps and agitators

Founded in the millennium year 2000 as a sole proprietorship by Arnold Hofheinz, AAH Apparatebau now has eight employees. Even long before the founding of the company, the founder had begun to focus on pumps and agitators for the chemical industry and for electroplating and process engineering. Nowadays, he can look back on over 30 years of experience in the industry and in the production of rotary and submersible pumps, rapid and gear unit mixers, containers, and lifting equipment. An immense wealth of knowledge that he passed on to his son-in-law, the current Managing Director, Ralf Stuppert.

Mr Stuppert names rapid response times and quick offer and order processing as particularly important competitive edges. Bearing this in mind, the company has developed particularly successfully in recent years. In fact, Mr Stuppert never needs to worry about a lack of requests. Most of the orders come from the recommendations of satisfied customers.

You never leave the customer waiting

AAH agitators on a container with blue gearmotors from SEW-EURODRIVE
AAH agitators with gearmotors from SEW-EURODRIVE

Initially, there was a fear that drives from SEW-EURODRIVE would be too expensive, and this was one of the reasons why AAH did not use gearmotors from our company at the outset.

However, speed in the response times and in delivery is one of the most important premises at AAH in the relations with their own customers. As the cooperation with a different drive manufacturer became problematic because of excessively long delivery times, SEW-EURODRIVE appeared on the shortlist of possible replacements.

The initial quotations quickly revealed that the SEW-EURODRIVE pricing was extremely attractive compared to other drive technology companies. This point combined with reliable delivery times were the deciding factors: Since 2012, AAH has purchased almost all its required gearmotors in the power range of 0.18 to 15 kilowatts from us.

Order placed within one minute

Online Support and variant management thrill the users
Online Support and variant management thrill the users

In the end, our Online Support customer platform completely convinced the Managing Director, Mr Stuppert, who is conscious of the value of online services. All of his orders have been processed exclusively via the service since 2015, and he is usually able to entirely process an order in less than one minute. A process and a speed that completely revolutionized everyday purchasing at AAH and provide huge time savings.

Mr Stuppert is particularly thrilled with the variant management function in the Online Support. He is especially impressed with the wide range of filter options that are available to him. After all, it can be difficult and time-intensive to search for the right products in the company's own article master. If it so happens that he cannot find anything suitable, he simply uses the SEW-EURODRIVE product configurator and selects a new product from there.

Dramatically reduced product variance

Variant management
The variant management function helps the customer to reduce variance

In the daily work at AAH, the SEW-EURODRIVE variant management has virtually become a type of "extended workbench": On the one hand, the tool helps with the selection of suitable SEW-EURODRIVE products and with the preparation of offers for end customers, including all the available data sheets. On the other hand, it also helps to reduce product variance,

because it displays products that have already been requested or ordered in the past in the variant management database. Supported by extensive filter and comparison options with product criteria such as motor power, output speed, and output torque, it is extremely easy for Ralf Stuppert to select a suitable new drive from the list of already used ones.

This offers the advantage that he can manage the reduction of variance in this way, even during the selection process. In addition, time-consuming searches through the company's own article master are now also a thing of the past at AAH.


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