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No place for high costs

A warehouse stores materials, small parts and finished goods that are waiting to be used in production or delivered to customers. This uses up a great deal of space, energy and time, so storage capacity needs to be put to the best possible use. Intelligent energy management helps cut operating costs and efficient maintenance improves system availability.

Key goals

Reducing CO2

The increasing pace of climate change has made reducing CO2 a key issue. All sensor data, including CO2 consumption, needs to be recorded to identify where it might be possible to make improvements.

Optimized energy management

As the height of logistics warehouses increases, so does their energy consumption. This calls for intelligent energy management.

Making the most of storage space

Warehouse space is expensive, so equipment and systems need to be as compact as possible. Space-saving drive solutions can help achieve this.

Making light work of complex processes

In the future, digital networking and smart concepts will be essential to deal with increasingly complex flows of goods.

High system availability

Logistics is already reaching its capacity limits. Cutting-edge technologies help boost system availability and throughput.

Our solutions

Model of a plant showing distribution logistics

Corner transfer unit

Corner transfer units ensure a right-angled change of direction for the transport of goods in logistics. In this way, corner transfer units contribute to a high material flow performance in warehouse logistics. In addition, corner transfer units are characterized by a compact design.

Your requirements

  • Easy to implement and operate software solutions
  • High performance with high flexibility
  • Reduction of installation and commissioning costs
  • Condition recording/monitoring

Our solution

MOVIKIT® software modules MOVIKIT® software modules MOVI-C® dezentralized automation solutions MOVI-C® dezentralized automation solutions

Storage retrieval system

Today, storage and retrieval systems are an integral part of efficient intralogistics. Storage and retrieval systems not only store and retrieve materials and goods automatically, they also support the processes associated with warehousing.

Your requirements

  • Economical storage
  • Low energy consumption
  • High operational reliability
  • Fast commissioning

Our solution

MOVIKIT® StackerCrane software module MOVIKIT® StackerCrane software module Power and Energy Solutions Power and Energy Solutions MOVISAFE® CSA31A safety card MOVISAFE® CSA31A safety card

Roller, chain, belt conveyors

In order to optimize the increasingly complex flow of materials in industry, stationary conveyors such as roller conveyors, chain conveyors and belt conveyors must also be more reliable, modular, sustainable and even easier to use.

Your requirements

  • Energy saving
  • Safety
  • Networking
  • Low installation and commissioning costs
  • Status detection and monitoring

Our solution

Single-cable technology Single-cable technology MOVI-C® dezentralized automation solutions MOVI-C® dezentralized automation solutions ECDriveS® drive system for light-duty materials handling technology

Lifting station

Lifting stations are equipped with a powerful lifter, which allows space-saving bridging of height differences to other conveying levels in conveying technology.

Your requirements

  • Ensuring the safety of man and machine
  • Energy management
  • Smoothing of the load curve
  • Possibility of local buffering of regenerative energy

Our solution

MOVIKIT® Positioning Drive software module MOVIKIT® Positioning Drive software module Power and Energy Solutions Power and Energy Solutions MOVI-C® automation solutions MOVI-C® automation solutions


New robot technologies are increasingly being used in modern palletizers to augment or replace traditional systems.

Your requirements

  • High throughput
  • Energy management
  • Simplest solution implementation
  • Low noise level

Our solution

MOVIMOT® performance drive unit MOVIMOT® performance drive unit MOVIKIT® Robotics software modules MOVIKIT® Robotics software modules MOVI-C® automation solutions MOVI-C® automation solutions

Life Cycle Services

At SEW-EURODRIVE, we understand Life Cycle Services to mean services and support as well as aids and tools along your complete plant life cycle. Starting with the initial orientation through to the use and modernization of your machines and plants.

We will be happy to put together a customized service package for you - entirely according to your wishes and scalable at any time.

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