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Tomorrow's industry needs solutions. In keeping with our motto "DRIVE FOR SOLUTIONS", we therefore showed you at HANNOVER MESSE in Hall 6, Booth B26, from April 17 - 21, 2023, how we combine our smart components to create solutions that are precisely tailored to your specific requirements.

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These were our trade fair highlights

Our large-scale model with pioneering innovations offered insight into factory automation.

In keeping with the trendy theme of "Hydrogen & Fuel Cells" at HANNOVER MESSE, the highlight of our stand will be our latest concept study, which uses environmentally friendly hydrogen technology in automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The fuel cell as a power source offers a number of advantages, especially in AGVs. For example, the AGVs benefit from a much longer service life and 100% power availability thanks to the hybrid switching between battery and fuel cell. At the same time, the fuel cell also means the mobile assistants use the cleanest form of energy generation. An AGV can thus be supplied with energy for weeks and even months. Why not visit our large-scale model at our trade fair stand and see for yourself?

Do you operate your systems in closed rooms where they are well protected from cold, heat, and moisture? Then they don't necessarily need a coating, since aluminum is corrosion-free. That's why we do not apply any kind of coating to the ECO2 version of our gearmotors. As a result, CO2 emissions are cut in the manufacturing process. There is also no need for the energy-intensive drying process. This makes it possible to balance considerations of cost-effectiveness and sustainability perfectly!

Do you have particularly high demands in terms of hygiene and easy cleaning? We offer the ideal drive solution for hygiene-sensitive areas requiring intensive cleaning.

Thanks to their hygienic design, our stainless steel gearmotors and stainless steel gear units almost clean themselves. The gearboxes/motors and adapters are available in a wide variety of designs.

X.e agitator

In many applications, agitators come under enormous strain. With our X.e series agitator drive, we are now able to meet these requirements better than ever before. The innovations are in the details. To ensure the gear units can keep mixing with the system for a long time, they have internal pressure lubrication, a specially developed housing separation, and an innovative sealing concept.

With the StarterSET, we give you a basic package that you can expand with individually customized add-ons according to the requirements of your machines – in a flexible, modular, and independent way. It's good to know that this gives you options. You can base your drive and automation technology entirely on products from SEW-EURODRIVE while still retaining your independence. It can do everything but doesn't necessarily have to.

DriveRadar® IoT Suite for applications

Keeping ahead of the error: With the DriveRadar® IoT Suite web app for applications, we offer continuous monitoring and reliable analyses for the maintenance and servicing of drive components, machinery, and systems.

Make your energy consumption and processes transparent so as to identify optimization potential. Use the DriveRadar® IoT Suite for applications to implement condition-oriented and predictive maintenance. Think ahead.

DriveRadar® IoT Suite for industrial gear units

Regardless of the industry in which you operate, unscheduled downtimes in production are the nightmare of every plant operator. Temporary production outages mean that costs soar instantly.

Think ahead and don't let it get that far in the first place! DriveRadar® for industrial gear units is an ultra-modern, intelligent condition monitoring system that digitally records and automatically assesses gear unit data. The results of such analyses can be used to evaluate the current condition of gear units. Forecasts derived from this also allow you to predict future changes in condition. All the results and findings obtained serve as a basis for predictive maintenance and servicing.

MAXOLUTION® Parallel arm kinematic kit + Power and Energy Solutions

Are you looking for a straightforward solution to build your own robot? With us as a reliable partner at your side, MAXOLUTION® machine automation is the ideal solution. Parallel arm kinematics kits from SEW-EURODRIVE are quick and easy to assemble and install, and simple to program. In combination with our Power and Energy Solutions, you can protect your system functions in the case of power failure.

Decentralized technology

Are you looking for modular drive elements for your decentralized system concept? Our decentralized drive technology has everything you need – compact drive units, decentralized inverters, and motion controllers for field use – and everything can be easily combined and recombined as required. This is all possible not least because the standardized control and communication architecture forms the perfect team. Need a customized drive solution? Now all it takes is a few simple steps.

Modular efficiency solutions

In addition to efficiency classes IE3, IE4, and IE5, the SEW-EURODRIVE motor portfolio also offers a further key benefit – modularity. With or without a gear unit, with or without a brake, resulting in the perfect drive solution for your application as the end product.


Connect – specify setpoint – motor runs

If you are looking for a simple and compact inverter for straightforward conveying applications, then you need look no further than MOVITRAC® basic. MOVITRAC® basic has been designed to control the speed of asynchronous AC motors without encoders up to a maximum power rating of 1.5 kW.

Compact extra-low voltage drives

Decentralized extra-low voltage drives are especially suited for applications with power ranges between the classic servo drives and miniature drives. The DC operating voltage range of 48 V offers the additional advantages of extra-low voltage in terms of compact design, electrical safety, and simplicity. Our compact extra-low voltage drives with an expanded range of gear units will increase the efficiency of your systems. Discover the many benefits for yourself, including the compact design with an extraordinary power density, a high level of energy efficiency, and flexibility for an enhanced level of integration.

MOVIMOT® performance ELV compact extra-low voltage drive

Our new MOVIMOT® performance ELV scores highly in terms of communication, as it has an Ethernet-based interface and full connectivity. Thanks to its small size and low weight, it is extremely compact. It works with very high precision, because it has exact positioning and a broad control range. The product is superbly efficient thanks to its high efficiency class and short installation times.

With MOVIMOT® performance ELV, your engineering outlay is reduced, and you have even more combination options thanks to the end-to-end compatibility of the MOVI-C® portfolio. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us!

DC-48-V drive systems for decentralized and mobile applications

They are truly multi-talented, and have been specifically designed for decentralized and mobile applications. What is so special about them? The decentralized SCM-type controllers are compact, powerful, and high-performance. Thanks to these characteristics, our DC-48-V drive systems are outstandingly well suited for a whole range of different applications. Are you looking for drive systems with high levels of functional diversity and variability? Then look no further than the SCM controllers!