HANNOVER MESSE 2020 Hall 5, Stand A18
HANNOVER MESSE 2021: 12. to 16. April


HANNOVER MESSE cannot take place this year due to the increasingly critical situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. The Hannover region has issued a decree that prohibits the staging of the world's leading tradeshow for industrial technology..

HANNOVER MESSE 2021 will be hosted digitally from April 12 to 16, 2021.

Fair visitors with virtual reality glasses
Plenty to look forward to at HANNOVER MESSE 2020

Designing transformation

The ways in which end customers order and configure products are shaping entire industries. Batch sizes of just 1 are now a reality. To ensure that production companies can still remain flexible, they are changing their production processes and workflows. Networking, automation, software, and services form the basis for adaptive factories. The transformation is well under way. Come and visit with us in Hall 5, Stand A18, and find out how we can work together to give your factory a smart and flexible design, to boost productivity, and to promote value creation. Let’s transform!

Transformation on-the-fly
VThe smart, adaptive factory

Transformation on-the-fly

Customer requirements change. Today this, tomorrow that – that style is already outdated. Nowadays, customer orders sometimes change by the hour, or even by the minute. So how can you respond to that efficiently? We produce batch sizes of 1, and virtually no two orders are the same. We take the example of assembling synchronous linear motors, and give you a glimpse of a modular, adaptive factory. We can redesign workflows and the related workstations here ideally, at short notice, and “on-the-fly” to suit the specific customer order.

You’d like to be able to respond more flexibly to your customer’s or end customer’s needs? Then a visit to Stand A18 in Hall 5 will be well worthwhile.

DriveRadar® collects, analyses and visualises your data
Big Data for predictive maintenance

Tips from your machine

Would you like your machine or system to tell you if something is not running smoothly, before it fails? Would you like to use the data from your production for predictive analysis and maintenance? Then we’d be glad to help you. With our DriveRadar®, we bundle the parameters from your machine. DriveRadar® analyzes and interprets them, in part with the help of our experts, and then gives you specific information about the statuses or for predictive recommendations for action.

Flexible, adaptable, simple
Simplified diversity

Automation made simple

Simplifying complexity is the key approach in our machine automation. We make it simple for you to develop new solutions with us, to take new paths, and to adopt new thinking. We shall use various examples at HANNOVER MESSE to demonstrate to you exactly what we mean.

For instance, with a portal robot: Here, our customer can implement products more quickly, more flexibly, and more intelligently because we integrated innovative technologies and dispensed entirely with restrictive cables. With the example of a cable cutting/winding machine, you will see how we manage to solve a range of challenges.

Make it simple in Hall 5, Stand A18.

Tailor-made for you from the building set
The heart of logistics

The future for your storage/retrieval system

Are same-day delivery or just-in-sequence the benchmarks for your logistics, too? Then you will need storage systems and processes that efficiently satisfy these requirements. With our modular automation system MOVI-C®, we offer you the freedom to design trailblazing solutions quickly and ideally. It is up to you whether you wish to improve your storage/retrieval systems and so your warehouse by reducing mast vibrations, by optimizing the safety zones, or through the smart use of energy; but our experts and MOVI-C® will be glad to help you at every stage.

As individual as you wish
Versatile but specialists, too

Without cranes, there is no turnover of goods

It’s impossible to imagine industry, logistics, or the construction sector without cranes. We shall present the new P2.e planetary gear unit specifically for crane applications, but our X.e series is also ideally suited to cranes. Ideally, you can combine our industrial gear units with our AC motors and frequency inverters, and so receive the entire drive package from a single source.

Individual, flexible, application-specific
It’s the torque that matters

When you need more torque

You need more power? No problem. Our industrial gear units provide you with torques up to a couple of million Newton meters. We have brought a selection of them to the HANNOVER MESSE, just for you. In the open-air display, you will find solutions for cement mills, our new P2.e planetary gear units and many other solutions when you need more torque.

So if more torque is what you need, we will have the perfect answer for you.



Being part of the world's most important industry fair

Digitalization is continuing to make huge strides in industry, and of course the link between production and logistics is getting ever closer. Value creation chains are becoming increasingly digital, and collaboration between humans and robots is already a reality. Meanwhile, the automation of trade – especially online trade – is transforming industries and expectations. All these developments are giving birth to new products, solutions and services.

The digital revolution is one of the most significant changes of the current era. Of course, when it comes to the intelligent networking of production and logistics, SEW-EURODRIVE and its Industry 4.0 solutions are already ahead of the game. The Bruchsal-based technology pioneer is at HANNOVER MESSE to showcase solutions and innovations that help customers structure value chains efficiently and make Industry 4.0 processes a reality. One key area is logistics – the focus of the CeMAT trade fair, which is being held in tandem with HANNOVER MESSE since 2018.

We, too, have found the HANNOVER MESSE an indispensable part of our business for many decades. SEW-EURODRIVE has been an active exhibitor since the 1950s, with a booth that is continually growing in size. This year we will be exhibiting the latest developments in drive and automation technology over about 1,500 square meters.