Smart Logistics:
Application scenarios of stacker cranes

Answers to the challenges of warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics

From same-day delivery to just-in-sequence: In the livestream, we show you answers to the challenges of warehouse logistics. Practical and using the example of our modular storage and retrieval system.

Also experience how a digital twin enables predictive analysis and maintenance: Predictive Maintenance with Drive Radar®. All in 25 compact minutes.

Our livestreams on video

80 % faster commissioning
Modular system components and software modules for reduced complexity
Faster processes

Hardware and software solutions for avoiding oscillations and for faster positioning
Maximum use of space

Every meter counts - especially with tower-high racks. Integrated safety technology eliminates buffers for additional space.
Managing energy intelligently

With energy exchange, regenerative solutions and energy storage - for 40% lower energy demand.

Let’s transform!
Moving to digital industry.