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We bring our large-scale motion model
live to your screen

No crowded booth, no waiting in line, no tired legs, no waiting for someone to explain the big picture to you: digital formats definitely have their advantages, too. That's not just because we conjure up great motion models with real applications on your screen in person. No, for us it's about much more.

We want to let you follow how digitalization and smart manufacturing based on the approaches of Industry 4.0 also make your production and processes fit for the future.

For first information you will find here our flyer to the fair model:

Download (PDF, 2.7 MB)

Our livestreams on video

Modular factory

Networked components
Mobile Systems
Virtual / Augmented Reality
Warehouse logistics

Stacker crane
DriveRadar® using warehouse logistics as an example
Machine automation

Portal for gluing and filling applications
Cable cutting and winding machine
Multipick machine

Let’s transform!
Moving to digital industry.