Your intelligent and cooperative smart factory

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With a diverse portfolio consisting of consulting and planning services, smart services such as simulations, virtual reality and augmented reality, pre-designed intelligent process modules and automated assistance systems, we can work with you today to realize tomorrow's production.

Your path to a smart factory

One of our smart services is the simulation of your manufacturing process.
One of our smart services is the simulation of your manufacturing process.

As an automation partner and system supplier, our MAXOLUTION® Factory Automation division provides a broad basis of infrastructure systems and software solutions – all adapted to suit the specific processes and interfaces.

We support your path to smart manufacturing with the following services:

  • Seminars to experience the SEW smart factory design, consulting for the smart factory of the future
  • Project planning and implementation
  • Creating virtual factories
  • Testing ergonomics in the virtual world
  • Simulations and emulations
  • Supporting the production with augmented reality
  • System installation and startup
  • Maintenance service

Seminars and training courses give participants the opportunity to find out more about our solutions and sample applications. They also offer tips and highlight the kinds of obstacles that crop up while designing your smart factory.

Digital services, including augmented reality, which open up new possibilities. In smart factory halls, tablets and smart glasses project assembly and maintenance information into the real visual field of staff as a 3D animation and make complex information simpler and easier to understand. The "see more, know more" concept provides support during initial training and reduces potential for error, particularly where a high level of variation is involved.

Of course we support you all the way to your smart factory and beyond. Our DriveRadar® concept provides you with data and aggregated information that can be used to make statements and recommendations for predictive maintenance.

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